Visit to Switzerland

by Sachin Jain

I along with my wife and 2 kids aged 7 and 3 are reaching Zürich airport from London at 10.00 am on 5th June. Our return flight is from Geneva to Bristol at 19.10 hrs on 9th June '13.

So effectively I am having 5 days in Switzerland. I am very confused where to base my stay. I didn't book hotel s yet. I am also planning to buy Swiss pass for 4 days. Whether this decision is good I don't know.

I am new and want to know how to plan my itinerary to have an excellent trip. I want to have a ride of Titlis, want to go Jungfrau also. I want suggestions from the forum.

Thanks in advance.

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Visit to Switzerland

Hello Sachin,

I would recommend going directly to Lucerne from the Airport. The train ride is just a bit over an hour. This way you have time to explore the city on the same day. Here's a video on what to see and do in Lucerne.

Next day head up to Mount Titlis. The ticket from Engelberg up to the mountain top is not included in any rail pass. You would have to purchase it separately.

Day three proceed to Interlaken. If the weather is good, take the train up to Jungfraujoch. You would need to purchase a connecting ticket from Grindelwald/Wengen or a Good Morning/Good Afternoon ticket depending on the rail pass you will choose. You can buy that ticket in Interlaken before you board the train.

On day four you could take the Golden Pass to Montreux and spend the remaining day at the Swiss Riviera. Here's a little of what you can do and see there. Scroll down to "Onward to Lausanne".

This example will help you figure out the best pass option for you. If you choose a Swiss Pass, you and your wife are eligible for "Saver Passes".

Your kids travel for free with the family card.

Enjoy your Swiss journey!


PS: Please do share a few photos and words of your Swiss experience upon your return. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Thank you
by: Sachin Jain

Thank you for the help and itinerary.

Frankly speaking I planned the visit the same way as you told.

I booked the hotel in Luzern for 3 nights from 05.06.2013 to 08.06.2013 and 1 day in Geneva from 8th to 9th June.

I planned to go back to Geneva on 4th day via Montreux through Golden Line only but I am a little bit confused with the rates. Online it has been showing that Swiss pass is applicable for Golden Line but I have to pay £ 15 for each of our family members including the kids. But kids are free then why they are charging. Secondly through Golden Line I may reach Monteux by 16.15 hrs and don't have time to have a go at places in Monteux since I want to reach Geneva by 20.00 hrs.

Golden Pass Line
by: Fida

You are welcome Sachin,

Looks like you didn't really need my input :)

For the Golden Pass Line you need a reservation, no matter which ticket or pass you purchase; even kids have to pay. They travel for free with the family card but they do have to pay for a seat reservation.

To avoid reservation fees, you could travel the exact same route with the normal train from Interlaken to Montreux via Zweisimmen.

Visit to Switzerland
by: Sachin Jain

No Fida your inputs are valuable which confirms that my plan is very good. Hopefully everything will be as per plan. Can you inform if I will be able to use my debit card which is in pounds or I have to bring the cash in Swiss Franks.

Debit Card for Switzerland
by: Fida

Yes, you can use your debit card. You don’t have to exchange money before you leave home. You can take out money from an ATM (or Bancomat as they are called here) at the airport and the exchange rate you get is better. Use only bank-owned ATMs to save on fees.

Don’t use the debit card to make small payments. Do only withdraw money from ATMs in larger amounts since you have to pay a fee every time.

Instead, bring your credit card with you for unexpected larger purchases in stores or restaurants or for emergencies in case you don’t have enough cash.

Talk to your bank to see if your debit card is valid in Switzerland. Ask about their fees for withdrawals and currency conversion. Maybe they have a special agreement with one of the larger banks (such as UBS or SKA ) and don’t charge a fee at all. In that case, use only those bancomats. Let the bank know that you travel and for how long.

Also, make sure you have a 4-digit number PIN – if not, change before you leave home.

Use up the coins before you depart from Switzerland. Most likely you are not able to convert them back to your own currency.

Now I cross my fingers for good travel weather :)

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