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The Impressive Trümmelbach Falls near Lauterbrunnen
Prepare to get soaked

The magnificent glacier fed Trümmelbach Falls (Trümmelbachfälle), a series of 10 waterfalls in a cave-like environment, is hidden inside a mountain in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It's a natural UNESCO World heritage site, and rightly so.

Impressvie rockformations at the Trümmelbach Falls

A tunnel elevator takes the edge off an otherwise steep climb. The lift leads up to a platform from where the uppermost waterfalls are accessed. The path leads over a small bridge, up a few flights of stairs and walkways and partly through dimly lit tunnels to the highest waterfall. Freezing spray makes path and stairs slippery and the caves damp. Spray and droplets from above won't let you get away dry.

Stairs and pathways through the tunneled Trümmelbach Falls

Melt water flowing down from Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau form a powerful raging torrent that carries 20'000 liter water per second through the caves. The torrent carved its way through solid rock and debris over thousands of years and sculpted elegant and impressive shaped of rock formations. The result is spectacular and the thunder from crashing waters deafening.

Torrents carved trhough solid rock

Small lookouts and cutouts along the way provide viewing points to the ten chutes that fall into foaming pools and disappear into darkness. It's a spectacle of milky glacier water twisting, tumbling and pirouetting its way down over sculpted rocks and hitting the walls of the narrow slot canyon.

Gushing waterfalls spill out of sheer rock walls

Once the last chute is reached one backtracks down to the lift platform from where one can take the elevator or continue to walk back down to the entrance to see the last two of the ten chutes tumble into the Trümmelbach River. It's steep and the stairs 'go straight to the knees' but the view over the Lauterbrunenn valley is gorgeous.

Foaming pools and sculpted rocks

It's not easy to make good photos , and mine certainly don't do justice to the impressive waterfalls. What's more, a friend lent me a camera and the battery died half way into my journey. Yeah, I know :)

View from Trummelbach Falls toward Lauterbrunnen
The lush green Lauterbach Valley of 72 water falls

Instead of returning by post bus to Lauterbrunnen, one can hike back through lush and flat farm meadows along the famous Staubbach Falls (Staubbach Fälle) that cascade down from sheer rock faces. At the edge of the village, a steep gravel footpath branches off from the country road and leads up to one of the falls. A short tunnel ends at a viewing platform where one can see sheets of water crash down right in front of visitors.

View from Trummelbach Falls toward Lauterbrunnen
View from Wengen to the Lauterbrunnen Valley and two of the Staubbach Fälle to the right

The Trümmelbach Falls are worth your while any time they are open, but it's particularly an ideal excursion if the weather keeps you from going to higher elevation.

Good to Know

  • Linger as long as you want but allow at least an hour to see it all;
  • It's damp and can get quite cool in the caves, even in summer. Bring a jacket or raincoat;
  • Wear good shoes without slippery soles. It's pretty steep in parts, and even if you take the lift, you get quite a workout;
  • Not recommended for toddlers, unless you carry them all the way on your back;
  • You won't be alone visiting the Trümmelbach Falls, especially in the high tourist months July and August. Go early in the morning; preferably be the first when the gates open. Busloads of tourist arrive between 9 and 10am;
  • There's a restaurant at the bus station right outside the entrance, but it closes part of May and ends the season in September;
  • Free parking, but easily accessed by post bus from Lauterbrunnen (about 10 Minutes) and/or Stechelberg (7 minutes) from where an Aerial cable way brings you up to Gimmelwald, Mürren or all the way to the Schilthorn (Piz Gloria). If you want to return to Lauterbrunnen or continue to Stechelberg by post bus do check departure times (time table right at the bus stop) so you know how much time you can spend at the falls;
  • If you arrive on bike be aware that there are no lockers for your gear;
  • Lauterbrunnen to Interlaken Ost approximately 17 km (10.6 miles);
  • The hike back to Lauterbrunnen is well signed and takes about 40 minutes to an hour, depending on how much time you spend at the Staubbach Falls. Trümmelbach Falls to Lauterbrunnen Train station approximately 4,7 km (2.9 miles);
  • Not wheelchair accessible;
  • Open daily from April through November, 9am to 5pm; July and August from 8.30am to 6pm;
  • Admission: Adults CHF 11; Children CHF 4. Special prices for groups on request. No credit cards accepted.

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