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Switzerland Trip Adviser Service
Consultations by Phone or Skype

You enjoy planning your trips but are overwhelmed with all the possibilities and have trouble figuring out the logistics.

You have a wish list of things you want to experience but don't really know where to begin and how to incorporate them into your itinerary.

You are unsure of what is doable in one travel day.

You wish you had access to a local to help you with expert advice. I can help!

You might have questions such as:

  • is what I plan doable or is it too time consuming;
  • Should I move from place to place or can I see my chosen destinations on day trips from one base;
  • I need some ideas for off-the-beaten-track adventures;
  • is my plan too frantic;
  • should I travel by train or rent a car;
  • I have special needs and want to make sure they are met;
  • I need some suggestions on authentic experiences;
  • I am not sure if that hiking trail is suitable for me;
  • where can I spend a few wellness days;
  • I am a first time visitor and need some guidance and tips on common questions;
  • I am a vegetarian. Will I survive in Switzerland;
  • I have trouble figuring out the logistics;

Make a detailed list with all your questions and concerns. Let me know your preferences, your travel dates and what ever you need to know to be able planning your own itinerary.

Tell me what you expect from an ideal travel day.

I'll answer all your questions during a phone or skype consulting session. I will ease your worries; provide you with real information tailored to your needs, tips and suggestions that will make your trip to Switzerland an enjoyable one.

How it works

You will send me your sketched out itinerary (or a list with must-see places) together with a list of your questions. We then will schedule a time for a one-on-one consolation on the phone or skype. I will send an invoice along with the email confirmation.

You'll jot down my answers. So keep pen and paper ready.

Switzerland Trip Adviser Fee

  • USD 75 for half an hour
  • USD 125 for one hour

The fee includes the time I need to look over your itinerary and do some research on your behalf to make sure that there won't be any surprises and bumps in your travel road.

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