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Travel from Zurich to Geneva

by Micheline

Please can somebody tell me if I have to pay for a ticket from Zürich to Geneva when I purchase the Swiss Travel Pass for 8 days or is it included?

I will stay in Zürich for 5 days and then go to Geneva to stay there for 4 days. Which pass is the best for my journey?

Thanks for your cooperation,

Answer to

Travel from Zürich to Geneva

Dear Micheline,

To answer your question to your satisfaction I would need more information on why you are planning to buy a Swiss Travel Pass for 8 days.

Do you plan a stay in these two cities only?
Or are you taking train excursion while staying there?

If you only need a ticket to travel from Zürich to Geneva one way, you are better off buying a normal point-to-point ticket.

While a Swiss Travel Pass allows for free travel, it would be way too expensive unless you plan to travel by train each day to different locations while in these two cities. Even a Half Fare Card would still be more expensive:

  • A normal one-way ticket Zürich - Geneva costs CHF 82.00 at this time

  • 50% discounted ticket CHF 41.00 plus CHF 120 (onetime fee) for the Half Fare Card which would allow for additional unlimited discounted train tickets for one month.

If you plan extensive train journeys while there, check out Swiss Travel Pass and Half Fare card options and prices here.

This template helps you figure out the best option for you.

To profit from free city transport in Zürich and Geneva, you have the following options:

Ask your hotel if they offer a free transport card (some do some don't). If not, you can purchase a ZürichCard that allows for free public transport; even the funicular up to Zürich's house mountain Uetliberg is included as are short boat trips, a city tour and more. You can buy the card for 24, 48 and 72 hours at the airport, the tourism office at the main train station as well as online.

If you stay in a hotel, youth hostel or even on a campsite, you receive the Geneva Transport Card free of charge when you check into your hotel or at the information booth at the airport. You then are eligible to use the entire public city transportation network without restriction for free.

In addition, consider buying a Geneva Pass for 24, 48 or 72 hours. (CHF 25, 35, 45). You can buy it at Geneva's Tourism Offices, at the train station, some hotels, or even online. This card offers free entrance into museums (even the International Red Cross Museum is included), free gifts, free city tours and lots of discounts - from car rentals to day trips and more.

Hope that helps,

Comments for Travel from Zurich to Geneva

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Swiss Pass
by: micheline

Thanks for your fast reply.

Actually I will stay in Zürich for 5 days but I will visit Luzern, Interlaken, Zermatt and Lugano.
And while I am in Montreux I will visit Geneva and Lausanne.
For that I was planning to buy a Swiss Pass.

Swiss Pass or Half Fare Card
by: Fida

Hi Micheline,

You are welcome:)

Now that I know a little more, here are a few things to ponder:

Swiss Pass Options

The 8 day Swiss Pass will cost you CHF 384 for 8 consecutive travel days, which is quite stressful.

The Swiss Pass would get a little cheaper if you are under the age of 26: CHF 288 for 8 consecutive days.

Or if you travel with a partner at all times you’d receive 15% discount.

Included in these prices are public transportation in cities as well as museums entrances. And yes, ALL train tickets would be included – no additional cost for travelling anywhere by train. Except for mountain rides: if you want to travel up to the Klein Matterhorn or Gornergrat while in Zermatt you'd have to buy extra tickets, but you’d be eligible for a discount.

Half Fare Card Option

If you choose this option, the tickets would cost you approximately CHF 280 (tickets CHF 170 with Montreux and not Geneva as base plus Half Fare Card CHF 110). You’d be free to travel whenever you like.

If you choose the Half Fare Card option, you might want to visit Zermatt from Montreux. Not only is it less expensive than from Zürich (CHF 34 instead of CHF 58), travel time would also be shorter.

Buy City-to-City-tickets for Luzern, Lugano, Lausanne and Geneva (additional cost between CHF 2.50 and 5.00) and public transportation will be included in the ticket price.

Tickets for museum visits would have to be paid extra.

Zurich to Geneva by train
by: sanu

Hi Fida,

I am visiting Switzerland this month.I am planning to stay at Zurich for 1 day and then I will go to Geneva.

I have to attend a conference in Geneva for 4 days.

How to arrange my travel from Zurich to Geneva?
Whether to buy online ticket or buy ticket on reaching Zurich?

Hello Sanu,

If you only need one single one way ticket keep an eye on the Supersaver ticket. You can purchase them no more than 14 days before departure, and you only can buy them online.

Route offers change almost every day and not all destinations are available. Do keep an eye on them and see if Geneva is listed. If Geneva is not on the list, check any other destination between Lausanne and Geneva and then purchase a normal ticket for the remaining stretch.

If you are out of luck, you always can purchase a normal one way ticket on the day of departure either at the ticket counter or ticket machines.

When you stay in a hotel in Geneva you will receive the Guest Card free of charge for free public transport within the city, and discounts on a few other things.

Safe travels,

Travel Pass
by: Ger

Im staying in a hotel in Geneva which gives out travel passes. Can I travel to Zurich airport with this pass?

Hello Ger,

I assume you receive the Geneva Transport card from your hotel. This pass is only valid for free public transport within the city.

When you travel to Zürich Airport you will have to buy a train ticket. Travel time approximately three hours. Check travel time and ticket price here.

Save travels,

Family Holiday
by: Puneet


I am planning a Swiss family holiday ( 1couple and a 4 year old kid) in June. From Edinburgh we have a direct flight to Geneva. 1 or 2 nights in Geneva and then go to Zurich by Train and stay in Zurich for 3 to 4 nights.

What is the cheapest means of transport? Is Swiss pass suitable?

Places I would like to visit :

1)Jet d'Eau & UNO in Geneva
2) The Rhine falls
3) Mt. Jungfrau
4) Mt. Titlis

Please guide me
Many Thanks

Hello Puneet,

Ask for the 80-minute ticket at the visitors Information booths in Geneva's airport which will take you to your hotel free of charge.

You will receive the Geneva Transport Card at the Hotel desk. This card allows you free travel within the city boundaries - including to the UNO.

As for the rest of your vacation, you'd have to build an exact itinerary to figure out which of the Swiss Travel Passes is right for you - children up to 6 years travel entirely free (Family Card not needed).

Here's a page with a template that shows you the procedure to find out the best option.

Enjoy your Swiss journey,

Geneva tips
by: Nav

Hi I am planning to visit Geneva for around 5 days. I want to see Zurich one day in any of those 5 days..
Can you please help me in this?

Is transportation free from Geneva airport to any hotel in Geneva?

And the travel cards from the hotel you mentioned in earlier comments, are they free to see the city for one day, or the days we stayed in hotel, do we get everyday different card?


Hello Nav,

Your questions are already answered in this thread - you only have to read them.

Yes, the 80 minute pass is free and will bring you to your Geneva hotel (within the city limits).

The Geneva Transport Card is valid as long as you are staying in a hotel (day of arrival until day of departure).


Trip to Switzerland
by: Zainab

Hi Dear

I have a business trip to Zurich for 3 days this month and planning to visiting Geneva where I will stay for 3 days as well, then I'm traveling to Paris.

Would you please let me know which is the best way to plan my trip.
I will be traveling with my mother.

Many thanks

Hello Zainab,

I could make a list of suggestions but this would be fruitless since I don't know your or your mothers' preferences. You can check the official Zürich and Geneva tourism websites for this.

But if you are stuck and really need help I a offer several types of services. If you are interested let me know through the contact form and I will send you a questionnaire.

Happy travels,

Geneva Transport Card
by: JBajra


I went through couple of comments on the thread that are quite informative. I would like to know if Geneva transport card is available in all the hotels in Geneva or in selective hotels only.

Also we are travelling to Zürich as well. Is there any Zürich travel card too.

Hello JBajra,

Upon arrival at Geneva Airport you can get a free transfer ticket to your hotel at the ticket machine in the luggage retrieval hall - valid for 80 minutes. Once in your hotel, you receive the free Geneva transport card for as long as you have booked your hotel, and the hotel is located within the city of Geneva.

There's no such card in Zürich. You would have to purchase regular tickets or a day-card - or purchase the 24 or 72 hour Zürich Card which offer more than just free city transport.

However, if you travel with the Swiss Travel Pass city transport is included. The Swiss Travel Pass Flex offers free city transport on the validated travel days, and with the Half Fare Card you receive a 50% discount or you can buy city-to-city tickets that include free transport during the day the ticket is valid.

Safe travels,

Geneva visit
by: JBajra

Thanks Fida for your quick response. That helps.

You are welcome JBajra. Glad I could be of help.
Happy travels,

GoldenPass Line Tickets
by: Paula


I've read there is a nice route called GoldenPass Line, that goes from Lucerne to Interlaken, from there to Zweisimmen and finally to Montreux.

I've been thinking about buying that, but can't seem to find it. Is it only a ticket, or will I have to go to SBB's website and buy each leg separately?

Thank you in advance!

Hello Paula,

Just google Golden Pass Line and the site pops up (

All Swiss Travel Passes are valid on the Golden Pass Line. You only have to pay an extra fee for the seat reservation.

If you have a Half Fare Card and need to buy tickets you can do that through the SBB website or at any train station just before you board the train - quick and easy.

Happy travels,

Travel by train from Zurich to Geneva
by: Charlene


My friends and I were planning to take a train from Zurich to Geneva. Our accommodations in Geneva is in Rue de la Rotisserie, 2 Cite. How far is the station to our accommodation? Do we need to take another public transport going there?

Hello Charlene,

Use google maps to search for distances. For example click on directions and enter from "Cornavin, Genève, Switzerland" (that's the train station) to "Rue de la Rôtisserie 2, 1204 Genève, Switzerland" (without the exclamation marks) and it will give you walking distances and directions and shows you which public transport you can take.

Or look at the hotel, B&B or other accommodation websites - they should give you directions too.

Happy travels,

Geneva - Zurich - Geneva
by: Anonymous


Can you help me decide if I need to buy 3-day Swiss Travel Pass to use when I want to travel by train from Geneva to Zürich and back in a 3 day trip. By the way, I am travelling with my son who is 15 year old. Will he travel free?

Where do I make a train reservation (to get a seat reservation) for Geneva - Zürich - Geneva consecutive pass?

Thank you so much for any insight you can share.

Hello Anonymous,

As already mentioned in this thread, it all depends on how many trips you will be taking during these three days. You will have to do a little homework to find out if a 3-day consecutive Swiss Travel Pass is right for you or if a regular return ticket is cheaper. Here again the link to the help page.

Here's a page with train travel tips. Please do check out the sections "Buying tickets" and "Seat Reservations".

Click here for information about the free family card that comes with a rail pass.

If it turns out that buying a regular ticket is the cheapest way to go, please check out this page about travel with children.


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