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Train from Luzern to Milano, Italy

by Surinder

I would like to travel by train from Luzern, Switzerland to Milan, Italy.
How can I check price and timetable? And where can I buy the ticket?

Answer for:

Train from Lucerne to Milan, Italy

Hi Surinder,

You can check timetables and prices at the official Swiss train travel website SBB. Just click here.

Add the departure, arrival city and date of travel and a drop down menu will pop up with suggestions.

In your case, enter "From": Luzern and "To": Milano Centrale, and click "search connections". You don't have to enter anything in the line "via".

Don't forget to adjust "Departure" and/or "Arrival" time.

When the connections pop up there's a field "Fare/Buy", and that will lead you to the price.

You don't have to buy a ticket in advance - you can do that at the train station in Lucerne before you depart.

Here's some more information on Train Travel in Switzerland.

And here you find information on the Swiss Pass. It's worth checking out if you should travel extensivly by train while you are in Switzerland.

Safe travels!

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Ticket Price
by: Anonymous

Is there any difference in ticket price between buy direct before go and buy in advance?

Ticket Price
by: Fida

No, there is no difference. You pay exactly the same at the ticket counter in the train station as you would through their website.

I even recommend buying at the train station. It's quick and easy. This way, you can change the travel date or route on short notice.

PS: prices for 2013 will slightly rise.

Vat tax refurnd
by: Cash

Where do I do the vat tax by train luzern to Milan?

Vat Tax refund
by: Fida

Hi Cash,

Try to get your receipts stamped at the train station in Lucerne, and then send them in to Global blue. More see here.

Buying tickets
by: Jyoti

Is it cheaper to buy the tickets in advance? In Italy, it is much cheaper if you buy train tickets 3 months in advance. Thanks.

Hello Jyoti,

This is not the case for Switzerland. However, you might be lucky and can buy one of the discounted options such as SuperSaver tickets for single rides (depending on the route), or - if you have a Half Fare Card - you could profit from a 1-day or 9 o'clock pass.
Here you find more information on this.


Milan to Lucerne CIS 158
by: Mohit

I have booked through Raileurope India:

Departure: MILANO CENTRALE on SA 28/03/2015 at 15:10 /Arrival: LUZERN on SA 28/03/2015 at 19:13
Train No: CIS 158 for 2 adults + 1 child , and i got seats 012 (WIN)028 (AIS), 023 (AIS) in ,Coach: 312.

Advise if these 3 seats are together.

Hello Mohit,

It looks like you are in the same coach but not sitting next to each other. But I have no way of knowing for sure. Please contact your booking agent.

You may also contact TrenItalia directly.

All the best,

Lucerne to Milano
by: Joanne


I'm planning to travel from Luzern to Milano Centrale on the 4th day in Switzerland.

Please advise which route would be the best way, and should buy the ticket as individual ticket or buy a 4 days Swiss Pass instead of 3 days?

Many Thanks!


Hello Joanne,

A regular one way ticket Luzern to Chiasso (the border town to Italy) is considerably more expensive than the difference between a 3- and 4-day Swiss Travel Pass. If you buy a 4-day pass all you need is a connecting ticket from Chiasso to Milano Centrale. You can buy it online or at any train station in Switzerland.

I checked the Super Saver ticket price for you and as of today it would be the cheapest option. However, there's no guarantee that one of these is available on your day of travel - and they are only valid on certain trains. Do check them out.

All train tickets are valid on the boats too. So if you have time you can take a cruise from Luzern to Flüelen (which takes a little longer than by train) and then continue by train to Milano direction Bellinzona, Lugano and Chiasso.

Happy travels,

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