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To Purchase a Swiss Pass or not?

by Joyce

I am trying to decide if I need to purchase a Swiss Pass ( which type) for travel between Zurich - Grindelwald. I will be staying in Grindelwald for 2 nights. We are traveling in a party of two.

This is my tentative itinerary:

- 13 June 2012 Zurich -Interlaken - Grindelwald
- 14 June Stay Grindelwald (going up to Jungfraujoch)
- 15 June Grindelwald - Zurich
- 16 June Zurich airport - flight home

Answer to

Purchase a Swiss Pass or not

Hello Joyce,

The best priced option for you would be:

  • Half Fare Card for CHF 110.00 plus a ticket Zürich Airport - Jungfraujoch CHF 164.10 = Total of 274.40 per person
You can buy half fare card and tickets upon arrival at the airport. You only need your passport, no photo needed. Of course, you could buy it online as well, but it's quick and easy at the Rail (SBB) travel center in the Check-in 3 area. Ticket counters are open 6:15am to 10pm.

Alternative option

If you travel directly from Zürich Airport to Grindelwald and back to Zürich Airport, you could purchase a Transfer Ticket for CHF 130 and a so-called Good Morning or Good Afternoon Ticket to Junfraujoch from Grindelwald: CHF 130 = Total cost of CHF 260 per person.

The Swiss Transfer Ticket has to be bought before your departure from home, either online or from your travel agent.

Good Morning and Good Afternoon Tickets to Jungfraujoch - but do read the fine print before you buy. You can purchase that ticket at Interlaken, Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen train stations.

TIP: Check with your hotel. Sometimes they offer overnight packages with tickets from Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch included. If that's the case, you'd only have to buy either a Swiss Half Fare Card and a ticket from Zürich to Grindelwald or the Swiss Transfer Ticket (roundtrip ticket to Grindelwald included).

Have a safe journey and enjoy your stay in Switzerland!

PS: Prices are subject to change.

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Half fare or 4 day Swiss pass
by: mac


I have the following route in Switzerland:

- Zurich airport - Grindelwald for 2 days (going up Jungfrau)

- Lucerne for 3 days

Should I buy half fare card and ticket or Swiss pass for 4 days?

To purchase a Swiss Pass or not
by: Fida

Hello Mac,

The best option depends on what you plan to do when in Grindelwald (only Jungfraujoch?) and Lucerne. Generally speaking, the more mountain transportation you include in your trip, the better you are off buying a half fare card (or Swiss Card) and point-to-point tickets. But to be sure, you've got to work a little on your itinerary. Here is an example that shows you how to find the best deal for you.

To give you even more options (and hopefully not a headache in the process;), you can also check out the regional passes:

- For the Jungfrau Region check out the "Tickets" on the "Jungfraujoch" link above
- For Lucerne: Tell Pass

Bye the way, the post above was made last year, so prices have changed. Have a look at this page for currant prices.

All the best,

Best Swiss Pass for 5 days
by: Lisa

I will be travelling with a friend in December to the Swiss alps. The price of the transportation and the fare is quite expensive, and too many options. We have trouble picking the right one for us. And I'm trying to decide which type of Swiss Pass we should get.

Here is my itinerary in Swiss:

- 16 Dec. 2014 Frankfurt - Basel - Interlaken - Mürren

- 17 Dec. 2014 Mürren - going up to Jungfraujoch
- 18 Dec. 2014 Wengen
- 19 Dec. 2014 Lauterbrunnen
- 20 Dec. 2014 Lauterbrunnen - Interlaken - Basel - Paris

Hello Lisa,

Where will you base yourself? What will you do when you are in the Jungfrau Region? Skiing/Snowboarding or winter hiking?

I recommend staying in Lauterbrunnen or Wengen (easy access to Mount Männlichen for wintersports, including sledding, and better views than in Lauterbrunnen).

You are better off visiting the Jungfraujoch from either Lauterbrunnen or Wengen which is just a short train ride above Lauterbrunnen on the way to the Jungfraujoch. Mürren lies at the foot of Mount Schilthorn (fabulous views to Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau), and it would be a bit of a detour to reach the Jungfrau from there.

It's quite a lot of work to figure out the right pass option. If you are travelling extensively in Germany and France as well, then I recommend looking into buying a RailEurope pass (Passfinder) for a three country pass (or more, depending on where else you are travelling).

However, if you only need an option for Switzerland, then most likely a Half Fare Card will be the way to go. The more mountain tops you add the better off you are.

This page will help you calculate the best option for you. Following the prices for mountaintop rides:

- Ticket prices for Schilthorn (I recommend the round trip from Lauterbrunnen - Grütschalp - Mürren - Schilthorn - Stechelberg - Lauterbunnen)
- Ticket prices for Jungfraujoch
- Ticket prices for Männlichen.

Be aware, that ticket prices will raise December 15 (about 2 to 3%), and the timetable will change too, albeit the main routes stay mostly the same.

Tip: Check with your hotel in Wengen (or wherever you decide to stay) for package prices. Sometimes they include a trip to the Jungfraujoch, although this can be a bit tricky. I only recommend visiting the Top of Europe if the weather cooperates. If not, you wouldn't be able to see anything.

Have a safe trip,

Can I buy Swiss rail pass on Zurich airport on arrival
by: Aziz

Hello all

Please suggest me whether I can buy Swiss rail pass for 8 days directly from Zurich airport on my arrival in September.

If yes where is the location to buy the passes?

Hello Aziz,

You find the answers to your questions here and here.

Happy travels,

Regular tickets or Swiss Travel Pass
by: Franklin


I'm confirming going to Lucerne next March via Basel airport. Will arrive in Basel and direct go to Lucerne on 21st and depart on 23rd March from Zurich. I'm travelling with my partner.

Should I purchase a Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Half Fare card or other single ticket?

Thank you...

Hello Franklin,

That depends on how many excursions you will add while in Lucerne. Check regular ticket prices and then compare with one of the Swiss Travel Passes. Here's an example how to do it.

Happy planning,

Annual Pass
by: Apac

Hi everyone

Would you please recommend me which annual travel pass is best for me to commute daily from home (Opfikon) to Office (Zurich HB)?

- I don't go out often, during weekend I mostly stay at home doing chores, rest and relax, or cycling around my neighborhood areas.

- so the transport tickets are mainly for home to office only.

I am thinking buying the ZVV Zurich annual pass for 2 zones (Glattbrugg to ZH HB). Do I need to buy half price card as well?


Hello Apac,

Since you are already living in Switzerland you are best off asking the ZVV directly.


Best Option to Visit the Jungfraujoch
by: Uriel Pedraza


I would like to know if you could help us regarding the tour to the Jungfraujoch since we came across different information. We arrive in Zürich at the "Carpark Limmatstrasse" from Pragha on January 2nd. We are looking for the best option to Visit the Jungfraujoch and Grindelwald for 3 days and 2 nights.

I saw a two day package but it seems weird as it includes overnight in Interlaken however it does not mention the time that one will spend at the mountains or in the train.

All the information you can provide will be very much appreciated.

Warmest Regards

Uriel Pedraza

Hello Uriel,

I know it can be daunting figuring things out :-)

Most guided tours are day trips from Zürich (I don't know which page you checked for several day packages). So if you are planning on spending all three days in the Jungfrau Region during your visit in Switzerland, you might be better off doing it all on your own. It's really easy travelling by train. All you have to do to calculate the best train pass for you is figuring out what destinations and mountain tops you want to visit:

Happy planning,

With Swiss Half Fare Card,
by: Patricia


My question is having the Half Fare Card, do I need to buy another Jungfrau travel pass when I am in the Jungfrau region for 4 days?

Hi Patricia,

As with all Swiss Travel Passes, you need a connecting ticket up to the Jungfraujoch - between Grindelwald/Wengen, Kleine Scheidegg and Jungfraujoch. You can buy the connecting ticket at every train station the day you want to travel. Don't buy any ticket in advance to make sure you only visit in nice weather!

See ticket explanation for the Jungfraujoch here.

Everywhere else in the Bernese Oberland/Jungfrau Region you receive a 50% discount with the half fare card.

Or you can buy a Regional Bernese Oberland Pass and receive an additional discount as a Half Fare Cardholder. But you have to do the math first: Figure out what you want to do during these four days and then compare prices. It might not be worth to buy this additional pass.

Happy travels,

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