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To buy Swiss Saver pass or not?

by Cecily Lee
(Malaysia )

Me and my husband plan to go to Switzerland this February and the itinerary as such:

- 11 Feb Flight from Barcelona to Zurich and change train to Lucerne
- 12 Feb 2nd night stays at Lucerne (day trip to Mt. Pilatus)
- 13 Feb Train from Lucerne to Interlaken (via Golden pass line)
- 14 Feb Train from Interlaken to Geneva (via Golden pass line

Is it worth to buy a 4 day Swiss Saver Pass for each of us and how much is that?

And we plan to take the Golden pass line train to enjoy the scenic journey, is that covered in the Swiss saver pass or we need to pay extra "seat reservation" fees on top of that?

By the way, any price difference if we buy the Swiss saver passes online or from Zurich airport? If only purchase from Zurich airport, will it be too late for us to do seat reservation for the Golden pass line trip?

Would be really appreciated for your response.

Thank you so much.

Answer to

To buy a Swiss Saver Pass or not

Hello Cecily,

To figure out which Rail Pass is right for you, please see my help page. The page also shows you where the rail passes are valid.

The price is the same when you buy through the link I provide on my Swiss Pass page (goes directly to the Swiss Railways page) or at their Travel Center in Zürich. However, a delivery fee will be charged. To avoid high courier costs choose "Airport Collection" when you purchase online and you can pick up the pass at the Railway Center (Bahnreisezentrum) at the airport (right next to the ticket counter, Check-In 3).

Swiss Railway center at the Airport in Zurich

All Rail Passes are valid on the Golden Pass line, though if you choose to make the trip in the specific Golden Pass coaches you would have to make a reservation, and the additional fee for that is not included in any of the passes.

You could make the trip in normal coaches (same train) without additional cost and no reservation is necessary.

To wait making the reservation for the Golden Pass line until you arrive in Zürich is a bit of gamble. If you truly want to travel in one of their special coaches and don't mind the extra fee, I'd recommend making the reservation in advance.

Enjoy your vacation,

PS: Please do share a few photos of your winter experience in Switzerland. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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