Tête de Moine

by Shumon Sengupta

A Cheese from the Bernese Jura Region of Switzerland

One of the many highlights of our 24-day Switzerland trip was the gastronomic delight(s)afforded by a wide range of fine and exclusive cheese.

Now since I don't like mature, strong and smelly cheese (including goat cheese), that immediately disqualifies me as a potential cheese connoisseur. Nevertheless, as a lay person, I am sharing what I consider as the finest Swiss cheese, from the wide range I sampled during our trip.

Tête de Moine is a delicately flavoured cheese from Switzerland

Tête de Moine (AOP - registered designation of origin) from the Bernese Jura Mountain region of Switzerland is truly a culinary treasure. Invented by the monks of the Abby of Bellelay, it has a history that goes back over 800 years.

This classic cheese is made from fresh (unpasteurized) cow milk, from cows grazing in a strictly demarcated (and limited) grazing range and according to a closely guarded and strictly controlled handed-down tradition. Not surprisingly, this cheese is produced in fewer than ten diaries in the French speaking Jura Villages. This makes it a truly exclusive and valued commodity.

And unlike any other cheese, Tête de Moine is not eaten in chunks, lumps or slices. In order for the full flavor, aroma and texture to manifest, the cheese is shaved into fine, soft rosettes (resembling delicate off-white carnations), using a custom made cheese curler called - "Girolle". This process increases the amount of air coming in contact with the surface of the cheese, thereby subtly altering its structure and allowing its full flavor and melt-in-the-mouth taste to develop, just before the cheese is consumed. Tête de Moine rosette slices are best cut straight from the fridge and then consumed.

Rich and full bodied, this cheese has an unusual characteristic in that it is neither too hard, nor too soft; it is neither too creamy, nor too dry or brittle. It has this unusual melt-in-the-mouth property that is accompanied with an explosion of very subtle flavors.

And eating this cheese, I realized was an art in itself. One ate it like one would eat a flower - say a carnation; slowly and delicately, petal by petal, till one reaches the small dense core - say the thalamus of the flower, savoring its rich flavor and texture along the way.

In addition to its unforgettable taste and smell, given its exquisitely beautiful and delicate appearance and feel, Tête de Moine is truly a delight to the human senses.

Shumon Sengupta

Shumon Sengupta works in the International Aid and Development Sector and has travelled, lived and worked in many different countries. He embraces people and cultures and writes about his experiences on his blog - Tales from the Trail of a World Citizen

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No curls on our Tête de Moine
by: Helen C

Our Christmas tradition is Tête de Moine on our Girolle during the holidays. We savour it at every meal until it is gone, until next year. This year our cheese would not curl, it was crumbling. Was it too dry? too old? improperly stored? I would love to know if there is anything I can do. We still have half a Tete left.

Dear Helen,

I am not an expert - I am just good at eating it :-) It's probably best you ask one of the producers, for example, the fromagerie Tête de Moine: info@tetedemoine.ch


My pleasure and hope to contribute more articles ...
by: Shumon

My pleasure Fida... I hope to contribute more stories from our amazing Switzerland trip. But before that I need to select photographs from over 6000 photographs taken during our 24 day trip! :) :)

Hi Shumon,

Wow - 6000 photographs - sorting them is quiet a task! I think you have even more photos than I do :) I so look forward to hearing more of your Switzerland experience.

Best wishes to you, your wife and daughter!

Tête de Moine in curls
by: PostcardsfromSwitzerland

I love Tête de Moine. Sometimes I buy it already cut in curls... maybe a bit less fresh but very tasty indeed!

Discovering Tête de Moine
by: Fida

Thanks so much Shumon for taking the time and telling us about your delicious culinary discovery - the Tête de Moine cheese.

Glad you took the plunge and sampled the cheese! Your review about it is mouthwatering and you made a friend of mine so curious that I have to bring Tête de Moine with me when I meet her in October :)

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