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Switzerland Travel Tips
Quick Advice for Planning Your Trip

Switzerland Travel Tips: You've done the research, have received help in travel forums, searched my website, drilled holes into your friends brains and built your itinerary but still have one or two nagging and important questions for which you simply can't find help and the correct answer.

Before they drive you nuts, shoot them to me.

This could be questions anywhere along these lines:

  • You are interested in… (concerts, cooking classes, learning the language, sample Swiss wine, ride a horse (or a cow) or have special requests) but can't find anything along your chosen route that would fit your bill
  • You are interested in cultural encounters (be specific) but don't find an event or exhibition or the information is not in English
  • You are interested in seeing how cheese is made in an authentic setting but can't find one on your chosen route without taking a big detour
  • You don't find information on off-the-beaten-path destinations
  • You know I posted a help page for finding out the best train pass for your needs but you just can't sweat the details to figure it out (send exact itinerary along)
  • You need a recommendation for celebrating a special anniversary in… (where to get the best restaurants; list your favorite foods; need flowers or a present and don't know where to get them)
  • You are desperate in need of accommodation in a particular location but you can't find one, especially not one that is conveniently located
  • You need help communicating in the local language. You want me to write an email or make a phone call on your behalf.

Basically, you can ask me anything that troubles you and that you can't figure out for yourself or didn't get an answer in forums or anywhere else.

How it works

You can ask up to three questions. The more specific you are the better. And if there's money involved, tell me your budget.

Fill out the form below and send your questions to me. I will email you back and let you know if I am able to answer your questions, and I might need some clarification. I will send the invoice along. After I receive your payment I will get back to you within 48 hours during the work week.


  • USD 30 for up to three burning questions

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