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Switzerland Travel Planning Service

A custom Switzerland Travel Guide designed just for you!

Switzerland Travel Planning Service: You don't want to leave your dream trip to chance, but you don't have time to do the extensive research involved figuring out the logistics. You sure don't want to find yourself on a crowded tour, doing everything what everybody else does.

What you want is a totally personalized, handcrafted itinerary. You want to travel at your own pace, stay in hotels that suit you and eat at restaurants that cater to your tastes. You have some off-the-beaten-path destinations in mind that you want to have incorporated into your itinerary.

Is the Switzerland travel planning service for you?

You have become lost or overwhelmed by all the information available on the Internet, in Guidebooks and magazines.

You don't want to follow a pre-fab itinerary that has been written by someone that hasn't even been to the country. You want the expertise of a knowledgeable local insider.

You want a unique experience, based on your goals, interests, and travel style.

You want to maximize your time and money.

You might not even know what you want. I will help you identify your options so you don't miss out on opportunities and will experience a journey that is best suited and unique to you.

Basically, all you want is a personalized itinerary with all your requirements and wishes in place. All you will have to do is approve the plan and book flights and accommodations.

Then yes, this is for you!

Switzerland travel planning service

My custom itineraries are planned with YOU in mind based on your preferences and with relevant information to you:

  • detailed daily recommendations for your summer or winter vacation (bad weather options included);
  • destinations and attractions based on your travel details, including directions and public transport options;
  • a list of festival and events based on your interests that take place during your trip;
  • mapped out self-guided city walks;
  • hotel and restaurant recommendations according to your travel style;
  • not to miss things in all destinations;
  • recommendations for excursion and sightseeing;
  • organize private local guides;
  • hiking/walking/biking options along scenic path;
  • special interest activities (museums, history, culture, cuisine, entertaining, shopping etc.);
  • help you communicate your wishes if English is not understood;
  • air ballooning over the enchanting Emmental - or whatever activity fancies your mind;
  • work out transfers, recommend train passes or car rental;
  • make restaurant reservations on your behalf where necessary;
  • add a list with addresses, phone numbers, email , websites, etc.;
  • incorporate maps where necessary;
  • let you know about train, boat and bus schedules;
  • I will make sure your itinerary flows smoothly and according to your travel pace;
  • recommend reading material, guide books, apps, packing list and so on.

I will give you unbiased expert advice so you can experience the vacation you envision. I will plan your trip with only you in mind and help you optimize and organize your travels. We will work together over a period of time to make sure you get what you want. Consulting is done entirely by email and you will have all my recommendations in writing.

Fida, I will recommend you to ANYONE AND EVERYONE travelling to Switzerland. You have been amazing and I wish I could clone you in every city we visit. Are you this nice to everyone? If you ever come to Dallas, please look me up! - Diane Laner

How Switzerland Travel Planning works

Get in touch with me by filling out the contact form below. Let me know your planned travel dates.

I then will send you a questionnaire so I can make sure all your requirements and needs will be met. We will discuss how much time you will need from me. If all details are communicated, I will send you an invoice. After I receive your payment, I will start working on your itinerary, researching all possible options and present them to you.

We will adjust and make changes until your itinerary is absolutely right for you!

Then I will work out a list of hotel and restaurant recommendations along the way according to your requirements. Want to stay in a monastery? A Wellness or historic hotel? Sleep in hay or first class all the way? Relax a week in a luxurious spa hotel in a picturesque setting? You name it - I'll find it.

At the end, you will receive an individual Switzerland Travel Guide with information relevant to you. It will contain a detailed itinerary, photos, maps where necessary, my personal recommendations and relevant links to booking sites that display a range of options so you can make your choice and book directly.

Wow, wow, wow! I am so glad I came across your website and your planning service. Our trip was exciting and eventful and we never would have experienced it the way we did without your help. You translated our wishes into very memorable experiences. We especially enjoyed the local tips you gave us, for example the concert in this small and unique church in Thun that we never would have found out about ourselves and the private dinner afterwards. - Dr. Donald Taylor

Switzerland Travel Planning Fee - Exclusive Offer for SwissVistas Readers

Every custom itinerary is unique, so the cost will vary based on the number of days, time you require and special requests you have.

  • One-time planning fee for up to 6 people: USD 289 for 1 - 3 days; USD 489 for 4 - 6 days; USD 689 for 7 to 10 Days; USD 889 for 11 to 14 days.

Please note: I am not a travel agent. I don't collect commissions and my fee is strictly for my time I spend working out your personalized itinerary.

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