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Fida, your personal Swiss travel guide

Hello there,

My name is Fida Wild. I was born, "bread and buttered" in Switzerland. Literally! A delicious, crusty piece of buttered bread sprinkled with chives is my version of fast food, and usually the first thing I miss when I travel or live outside Europe.

I grew up in Graubünden (to be precise in the Prättigau Valley) the largest canton and touted as Switzerland's holiday corner. Unfortunately, most visitors know only about a handful places that are heavily promoted but almost nothing about the rest of the staggeringly beautiful corners that are hidden from mass tourism.

Growing up on an alpine farm, we didn't have time or money for extensive travel or fancy holidays. Luckily, my father stilled his adventurous streak by taking us on day trips whenever time allowed.

Our childhood weekends were filled with road trips, hiking through flower filled meadows, up mountains and through scent filled forests, balancing along cliffs and biking until our legs twitched.

We are blessed with four seasons, different climate zones and an impressive variety of landscapes that offer constant eye candy just about every corner you turn. This made us feel as if exploring a new country each time. It was and still is never boring.

Why another website about Switzerland?

Sure, there are a myriad of websites promoting Switzerland. Every little community has their own internet portal. But what my visiting friends complain about is that one really has to know what to look for or one misses out on way too much.

I not only have travelled extensively (and still do) but also lived all over Switzerland, worked for the Swiss Railways, a travel operator and in the hospitality sector one time or other. This gives me a ton of first-hand knowledge. And if I am not sure or don't know about something, I have absolutely no scruples to force family (just ask my niece Katja:) and friends to lend a hand.

Over the years, I've provided so many visiting friends with personal itineraries that I thought I might as well build a website and tell the world my little secrets.

My aim for this website is to
  • provide easy to find information for first-timers who don't know Switzerland;
  • show repeat visitors the 'other side of my country', places they might not have thought of the first time around;
  • tempt you with Swiss cuisine and show you sweet and tasty spots around the country;
  • guide you to secret corners;
  • show you where to mingle with locals. Yes, we might not be the most outgoing and charming nation, but leave the cities behind and people will chat you up over the garden fence. Sure, not everybody speaks English, especially in rural areas. But with four official languages we often don't understand each other either. So feel free to talk gibberish and we'll get along quite well;
  • introduce you to vibrant and stimulating activities;
  • kill a few stereotypes because Switzerland is way more than cowbells, chocolate, bank scandals and cuckoo clocks. In fact, cuckoo clocks are not even invented by the Swiss, for crying out loud. I don't know if Orson Welles or a nifty marketer is to blame for that;
  • and last but not least, I can help you plan your Swiss Vacation!

I am constantly adding information to my site. I'd be flattered if you come back often to check out new additions. If you subscribe via RSS you won't miss a beat.

Thank you for stopping by.

Switzerland Advisor Certificat

Safe travels!


PS: Drop me a line and let me know what YOU would like to see on my website. I value your opinion and welcome your feedback.

If you've already travelled to Switzerland, you might have some tips, a story or a few photos to share.

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