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Switzerland Itinerary Review

Your Switzerland itinerary is finished but you would like to have an expert looking over it to make sure you made the best of your time.

You want to be sure you don't miss out on anything that is of interest to you. And you want to make sure you didn't pack too much into a travel day and have chosen the right base for your excursions.

You tell me your preferences, cultural interests, what you expect from this trip, what kind of festivals and concerts you are interested in, your travel style and whatever else is important to you, and I will make sure your expectations are met.

I will analyze your itinerary:

  • make sure you organized your trip in the most logical way;
  • advice you on the most economical mode of transportation;
  • check if you are packing too much into a day and risk travelling at a frantic pace;
  • see if you have chosen the right bases for your excursions;
  • check if your hotels are centrally located for sightseeing;
  • see if your plan could be enhanced to maximize your experience;
  • make sure there are no major gaps;
  • add activities that are missing;
  • and offer practical tips and suggestions according to your interests.

Just want to extend my sincere thanks to you for all the precious tips. We had wonderful trip and unforgettable memories. We will come back again. - Upendra Athalye

How it works

You send me your itinerary including arrival and departure dates along with a list of your interests and questions that concern you the most. Let me know what really is important to you and what you want to experience in Switzerland. If you have special needs, please list them too.

I then will send you an email, letting you know when I can start working on your itinerary and will attach an invoice.

If you agree with the time frame and paid via PayPal I'll start fine-tuning your itinerary and send it back to you along with my recommendations.


  • USD 130 for one itinerary review

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