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Swisscom SIM Card

by Pat

By chance, do you know if I can purchase a SwissCom Natel Easy be Free Sim card right in Geneva airport? There is conflicting information on the internet whether or not you need to actually go to the city to purchase.

Thank you,

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Swisscom SIM Card

Hello Pat,

Swisscom doesn’t have a shop at Geneva Airport. Sunrise SIM Cards (same prices) are sold by Interdiscount located in the Departure Public Zone, though I got conflicting information if they really have what you want.

The Swisscom Shop at the train station Geneva (Gare Cornavin Genève) is located in the downstairs shopping area. I circled the shop location red in the image below:

Swisscom shop in the downstairs shopping area at geneva train station

For visitors who rent a car, the closest Swisscom Shop to the Airport and more convenient than driving downtown would be at Avenue Louis-Casaï 27.

Good luck!

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SIM Card at Geneva Airport
by: Anonymous

The post office inside the Geneva airport sells SwissCom cards. "La Poste" is located near the car rental desk.

Opening hours:
- Monday through Saturday 7:30am to 6pm;
- Saturday 8am to noon;
- Sunday closed.

Thanks Anonymous for the tip.

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