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Swiss Travel Service and Trip Planning Advice

Customized Switzerland Travel Information tailored to your needs!

Switzerland Travel Service: The saying goes that planning a trip can be just as exciting as taking the trip. Truth is it can be a head-spinning experience with too many options to chose from, and one can get lost while wading through all the information that Internet and guidebooks provide. And above all, it is a time consuming process.

Not sure where to start and feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities?

Struggle with time and making decisions?

Do you worry that you will miss anything while on your Swiss Trip? You sure don't want to return home saying: "If only I had known…"!

The more you search for information the more you probably ask yourself: "How on earth can small Switzerland be so overwhelmingly diverse?"

You are not alone!

"The longer I stay in Switzerland, the bigger the country gets!"
~Sonja Holverson, Travel writer and American Expat

I can help with accurate Switzerland Travel Information

I am a born and bred Swiss with an inborn travel gene. I have worked in the travel and hospitality industry for many years. If I don't know something I can rely on my network of travel buddies, family and friends.

To make your trip as special as you imagine it to be, I look beyond the obvious, the standard travel books and popular websites. I am a certified Advisor through Switzerland Campus. Pic my brain and profit from my local knowledge and you will be sure you get the information most relevant for you!

What does the Swiss Travel Service offer?

My experience building customized itineraries for friends and readers of this website taught me that travellers have different needs.

Some only have a nagging question that they don't find the answer for or want to get an idea or two for their special needs or interests; others want more in-depth information and yet another group wants me to plan their entire trip - nuts and bolts.

Swiss Travel Service options:

  • Quick Advice
    You've made your itinerary and found all the basic information but you can't find that one answer that will make or break your Switzerland trip.
    Click here for more (Fee applies)

  • Itinerary Review
    This is for the DIYer who's done it before but wants to make sure the Itinerary flows smoothly, that he plans the right bases for excursions and wants to make sure not to miss out on anything.
    Click here for more (Fee applies)

  • Coaching consultations by phone or skype
    You want to pick my brain so you will be able to make your trip as smooth as possible. All you really want is a consulting session on phone or skype with me.
    Click here for more (Fee applies)

  • Handcrafted custom Itinerary
    You have a vague idea (or none at all) of what you want to see and do and are completely overwhelmed by the task. And anyway, you don't have time to sweat details that make the planning sometimes cumbersome.
    Click here for more (Fee applies)

Please note: I am not a travel agent. I don't offer booking services, unless they need to be done in one of our languages. Then of course I will gladly help you. I offer my expertise, unbiased advice and local knowledge.

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