Swiss Saver Pass or Half Fare Card

by Siri

Hi there,
I will be travelling to Switzerland with my husband and my 9-year-old-son in April for a total of 12 days. Entry and exit at Zurich airport.

Following is my itinerary:

Day 1: M. 8/4/13: Arrive at Zurich airport, Zurich-Lucerne
Day 2: Tu. 9/4/13: Lucerne - Mt Titlis
Day 3: W. 10/4/13: Lucerne - Mt Rigi, Lucerne-Interlaken
Day 4: Th.11/4/13: Interlaken-Jungfraujoch
Day 5: F.12/4/13 Interlaken-Thun
Day 6: S.13/4/13: Interlaken-Brienz
Day 7: Su.14/4/13: Interlaken-Montreux-Lausanne-Interlaken(GoldenPassLine)
Day 8: M.15/4/13: Interlaken-Zermatt: Gornergrat
Day 9: Tu.16/4/13: Zermatt: Klein Matterhorn
Day 10: W.17/4/13: Zermatt-Lugano
Day 11: Th.18/4/13: Lugano-Zurich
Day 12: F.19/4/13: Zurich-Depart from Zurich Airport

Should I buy the 8 day or 15 day Swiss Saver Pass or half fare card for a family?

Is there any other saver pass fit to my plan?

Could you please advice my trip plan, this is my first time to Switzerland?

Thanks and best regards.

Answer to

Swiss Saver Pass or Half Fare Card

Hello Siri,

If you decide to buy a Swiss Travel Pass, a 15 day pass would be a better choice rather than buying one for 8 days. This pass is only valid on consecutive days and you would have to purchase full price tickets for the remaining days of your trip.

Another option would be buying a Swiss Combi Flex Pass for certain travels days (that don't involve mountain trains). The Combi Flex Pass acts as a half fare card between the first and last day of travel.

You plan to take quite a few mountain rides. Keep in mind that almost no mountain trips are included in any of the passes. You will receive up to 50% discount, albeit only if you use up a Swiss Pass day, therefore a Swiss Combi Flex pass could be the better choice.

However, since you plan to take many short trips, do check out regular point-to-point tickets in combination with the Half Fare Card (all trips 50% discounted).

I know, there's quite some arduous work involved in figuring out which option would be best for you. I hope this example will help you.

As for regional passes, they don't cover all your needs and most likely don't make the cut in your case. But do check them out:

- For Lucerne: Tell Pass
- Bernese Oberland: Berner Oberland Pass
- Between Interlaken/Spiez, Brig/Zermatt and Domodossola: Adventure Card Upper Valais

Don't forget to order or pick up a Family Card so your son can travel for free.

May I make suggestions?

On day 7 you plan to take a return trip from Interlaken to Montreux on the Golden Pass line. Why don't you stay overnight at the Swiss Riviera and then travel from there directly via Martigny, Sion and Brig to Zermatt? That way you will see more of Switzerland and don't have to travel the same stretch twice.

As for travelling from Zermatt to Lugano, you have two choices:
  • Zermatt-Brig-Göschenen-Lugano: Faster but less scenic (except for the Goms) and you would travel the stretch between Göschenen and Lugano twice.

  • Zermatt-Brig-Domodossola (via Italy) and then Centovalli Express to Locarno and on to Lugano: More changes of trains but the scenery is wonderful diverse. All Swiss Passes as well as the half fare card are valid on the Italian stretch.

    Just a thought: Have you checked out the Swiss Miniature Park in Melide near Lugano? I am sure your nine-year old would have fun there. However, to do this you would need at least half a day longer in Lugano.

Enjoy your Swiss vacation,

PS: Please do share a few photos and words of your Swiss experience. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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Swiss saver pass or Half Fare Card
by: Anonymous


Would love to hear your advice on this topic.
We are flying in late into Geneva and proceed to interlaken for two nights and further on to Lake Como. what are the best tickets to buy as the website is like a zoo and very user-unfriendly.


Swiss Pass or Half Fare Card
by: Fida

Hello Anonymous,

With what little information you are providing I can't give you a good answer.

What are you going to do while in Interlaken for two days?

Which route are you going to take to Como?

Kind regards,

Visiting Switzerland
by: Lucy / Singapore

I will be travelling to Switzerland solo.
Please advise my below itinerary to purchase which type of Swiss Travel Pass. Date of Travelling from 25 June to 5th July 2015. This will be my first travel to Switzerland.Start from Geneva travel to Bern, Montreux, Zermatt, Interlaken.
From Chur I would like to go for the Bernina Express all the way to Tirano then to Milan.
From Milan to Zurich
last but not final will travel from Zurich direct to Geneva International Airport back home.

Hello Lucy,

Here's a template that will show you how to figure out the right pass for your needs.

All the best,

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