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Swiss Saver Pass 4 Days

by Mavic

Travelling to Switzerland this September. Arriving 8am on September 19 and taking the Bernina Express on September 23. We are planning to get the "2for1" 4 Day Swiss Pass. Do I wait to use it on Sept 20 so that my Sept 23 is covered or a day in the Swiss Pass is a 24 hour cycle from start of use?

Thank you so much!

Answer for

Swiss Saver Pass 4 Days

Hello Mavic,

A Swiss-Pass-day means 24 hours from midnight to midnight the same day, and not from the time when you actually start your journey.

So, to make the best use of the consecutive days, check out the price of point-to-point tickets for your other days. Let's assume that your train trips on September 19 and 24 are relatively short, you can buy a point-to-point ticket. With the Swiss Pass, you receive a discount of 50% on your regular tickets.

You may want to check out the Swiss Flexi Pass (same discount 2 for 1 in September) where you can choose your travel days within a month. To be sure which pass serves you best, check out the ticket prices for all point-to-point trips you plan to take during your visit. It may be worth purchasing a Flexi Pass for 5 or 6 days.

Enjoy your time in Switzerland!

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