Swiss Riviera and Montreux

by Marcia Zeigler

We will end a hiking tour of 7 days in Montreaux July 24. Our flight leaves Geneva Friday at noon. My husband and I are trying to decide if we should stay in Montreux for the 3 days or to go to some other area for the remaining days. We will have hiked Interlaken, Kanderstag and Lucerne areas.

Any suggestions?

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Swiss Riviera and Montreux for three days

Hello Marcia,

It would have been helpful to know your interests. Therefore, the following suggestions might not be what you are looking for.

You could certainly spend your remaining three days at the Swiss Riviera in and around Montreux. There are tons of interesting things to see and do.

City Touring

  • Visit the lakeside cities Vevey, Lausanne (apparently Blondel and Durig have the best chocolate there is; Musée de l’Art Brut), Nyon (charming small town, best view to the city from the Château (History and Porcelain Museums); arcades).

  • You could take a regular boat from Montreux to any city and return to your hotel at night by train (faster).

  • You could also take a boat to the well known resorts across the lake in France: St-Gingolph from Montreux; Evian-les Bain, Thomon-Les-Bains from Lausanne or a ferry from Nyon to Yvoire, a small medieval city, but probably overrun with tourists at this time of the year.

Day excursions

  • Lake Geneva cruise on one of the Paddle Steamers.

  • Laveaux Vineyards: Hike, bike or take a train through the vineyards: Vine train from Vevey; Lavaux Express, departure Lutry or Cully, depending on the day.

  • The Swiss Chocolate Train from Montreux to Gruyères and back (a bus will take you from Bulle to the Cailler Chocolate factory and to the medieval town of Gryères).You need a reservation.

  • Or visit the Alpine Botanical Garden in Champex approx. 70 km (44 miles) from Montreux (near Martigny).

  • The best beach for swimming is in Bouveret, just around the corner from Montreux:

  • Alternative Suggestions

  • Fancy a relaxing finish after your hiking holiday? Are you interested in wellness? Switzerland is known for its thermal baths, and the largest of them is in Leukerbad, approximately 100 km (62 miles) from Montreux.

  • If you like classical concerts, Ernen in the Goms Valley - approximately 70 km (44 miles) from Leukerbad - is known as the Swiss music village and offers great concerts throughout the summer.

  • If you don't mind to venture a little further, you could take the Golden Pass Train (reservation needed) from Montreux to Spiez. This small village has Switzerland's most beautiful cove, a castle and a delicious local white wine (Spiezer), served in Restaurants there.

    Thun, in a gorgeous setting and the gateway to the Bernese Oberland is one of my favoured cities. Take a lake steamer excursion. Visit the Beatus Caves (Beatus Höhlen). Have dinner on the terrace of Schloss Schadau and visit the Wocher Panorama in the castle park.

  • If time permits before heading back to Geneva, visit Murten instead of Bern. Murten on the shores of a lake with the same name is still considered an insider tip, a lovely and excrellent-preserved medieval city with an intact town wall that encircles the city.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how to spend the remaining days of your holiday.

Have a wonderful vacation!


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Excellent Suggestions for the Swiss Riviera!
by: Janet, USA

My husband and I have made several trips to this beautiful area of Switzerland, visiting long-time friends who live along the Lake near Nyon.

It's such a picturesque area, and just driving through the countryside is a favorite thing to do.

The vineyards growing up the slopes are lovely, and it's the first (and I think only) place I've ever seen apple trees pruned and growing on espaliers like grape vines. Certainly makes harvesting them easier!

If you are interested in history, there are still remnants of the Toblerone line around Nyon. The Toblerone candy bar took its distinctive triangular shape from the concrete anti-tank defenses that formed part of the Toblerone line. It formed an integral part of Switzerland's protection against tank invasion in World War II.

The mysterious Villa Rose was part of that fortification system, and can be seen next to the route cantonale (also called Routes Suisse and Route de Lausanne) on route.

The Villa Rose is next to, and several of the Toblerones can be seen on, the Domaine Imperial Golf Course, where the club house is a villa that once belonged to the nephew of Napoleon, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Hiking this trail between Gland and Nyon (about 7 miles, I think) would be a lovely way to spend some time.

I also enjoyed immensely the tour of Chateau de Chillon, at the eastern end of Lake Geneva, and highly recommend it. I got some great photos from there, and the ones taken in the dungeon are the only shots taken that day with spots on them that look like spirit orbs!


Swiss Riviera
by: Fida

Hi Janet,

Glad you enjoyed your holiday in and around Nyon, a small but beautiful city on Lac Leman (Lake Geneva). Thank you so much for these excellent tips! The Toblerone trail between Gland and Nyon is also accessible with a wheelchair, and so is the Villa Rose.

Bey the way, we love our espaliers :) They are especially useful on small garden plots. You can find them along house, garden and shed walls or even free standing.

fruit espaliers at my parents home

This is my parents house. On the left, you see an apricot and on the right an pear espalier.

Thanks again Janet,

Les Diablerets
by: thomas

I would certainly visit le glacier des Diablerets ! a walk in the snow !


Nice tip Thomas. The Glacier 3000 Arena is certainly worth a visit year-round.

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