Swiss Rail Travel

by Margaret S. Paul
(Marion, In. USA)

My husband and I plan to visit Switzerland in June for 16 days. My Swiss rail travel itinerary is:

  • Day 1: Arrive at Zürich airport, take train to Lucerne, overnight and next day in Lucerne

  • Day 3: Boat on Lake Lucerne to Flüelen then, Wilhelm Tell Express to Lugano overnight and next day in Lugano

  • Day 5: Bus to Tirano (Italy), then Bernina Express to St. Moritz. Overnight and next day in St. Moritz

  • Day 7: Glacier Express to Zermatt. Overnight and next day in Zermatt

  • Day 9: Travel by train to Lausanne. Overnight and next 2 days in Lausanne with excursion to Geneva

  • Day 12: Travel by train to Montreux, then board Golden Pass Express to Interlaken. Overnight and next day in Interlaken

  • Day 14: Travel by train to Bern. Overnight in Bern

  • Day 15: Train to Zürich. Overnight in Zürich

  • Day 16: Depart from Zürich airport for home.

Would a 8 day Swiss Pass cover our needs or does one have to travel everyday (consecutive days)?

With the Swiss Pass would we be entitled for some 50% tickets for mountain rides?

Thank you for any help you can give me.


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Swiss Rail Travel for 16 Days

Hello Margaret,

Yes, with the Swiss Pass you have to travel on 8 consecutive days (everyday). To cover your itinerary, you would have to look into either a 15-day Swiss Saver Pass (for 2 travellers) or a Flexi Saver Pass.

With the Flexi Pass, you reiceve 50% discount on any train, bus and boat ride, including most mountain tops in-between the "flexi" days. Consult the validity map to see which mountain rides are included in that deal.

Check the train prices for each leg of your trip to see if it's worth using up a Flexi Pass day or not. For example, the trip from Interlaken Ost to Lucerne is relatively inexpensive (CHF 15.50) with the "Half Fare Travelcard" (a Flexi Pass acts as a half fare card when travelling between Flexi Pass Days).

By the way, if it's a gorgeous travel day, consider taking the boat from Interlaken Ost (right behind the train station) to Brienz and then board the train to Luzern there. The train ticket is valid on any cruise, and the panoramic views from the boat are even better than from the train. The boat takes a little longer than the train, so if you still want to board one of the Golden Pass coaches (reservation mandatory) instead a normal train coach, make sure you catch the right boat to arrive early enough in Brienz. Both, the regular train and the Golden Pass travel the same route, and you don't need a reservation for a normal coach.

Enjoy your journey!

PS: Please do share a few photos and words of your Swiss experience. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

Bernina Express bus waiting to carry passengers from or to Lugano
The Bernina Express Bus waits right outside the train stations of Lugano and Tirano

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Return from our Swiss trip
by: Margaret Paul

Dear Fida
My husband & I just returned from 15 days in Switzerland. We had a 15 day Swiss Pass second class. We did not take any of the special trains, but did take the Palm Express from St. Moritz to Lugano. Had a great time. We went to the top of Mt. Rigi, the Jungfrau, & the Gornergrat-Monte Rosa for a view of the Matterhorn. We stayed in nine different places & visited a few others for a walk-thru. We found the people to be friendly & helpful.
We thank-you for your help & advise in planning our trip.
Margaret Paul

Dear Margaret,

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me about your Swiss trip. And good to hear that you enjoyed your journey through Switzerland.

Warm regards,

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