The Swiss Rail Pass Explained

Travelling by public transport is super convenient since trains, buses and boats bring you practically to every corner of our mountainous country on time.

However, train travel in Switzerlad is expensive and can take a considerable chunk of money out of your travel budget. Therefore buying a Swiss Rail Pass that is valid on the entire Public Travel Network makes sense.

The Wiesen Viaduct spans the Landwasser river in Graubünden Wiesner Viaduct between Davos and Filisur. The single track bridge over the Landwasser river is 88.9 m high and 210 m long and is the longest stone arch bridge of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB).

What I love about the Swiss Travel Pass (as a Swiss resident I have a yearly subscription) is the fact that I can hop on the train, the tram or city bus, take a postal bus or boat without the hassle of running around for tickets or buying them beforehand online.

However, depending on how much and where you - as a visitor - travel, a Swiss Half Fare Card, a Regional Pass or a Saver Day Pass could be the better option for you.

Swiss Rail Pass Options

Swiss Travel Pass | Swiss Travel Pass Flex | Half Fare Card
Free Family Card
Where are the Swiss Travel Passes valid?
Saver Day Pass and 1-Day Travel Pass
Which is the best Rail Pass Option?
Where can I buy the Swiss Rail Passes and Tickets?
Swiss Pass Promotions
Regional Rail Passes
Special Bonuses for Swiss Travel Pass Holders
Train Travel Tips

Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Travel Pass Flex

Half Fare Card

Free Family Card

*If you buy a Saver Day Pass or 1-Day Travel Pass you can purchase a Junior Card.

Where is the Swiss Rail Pass valid?

The map below shows you where you are eligible for unlimited trips on the Public Network with any of the passes, and where you receive a discount.

Train routes are marked with red lines, postal bus routes yellow (there are many more - the map is too small to mark them all - but no worries, you can travel on all of them for free with the Swiss Travel Pass - 50% with the Half Fare Card), mountain transportation black and boat lines are white.

Validity map for the Swiss Rail Passes Click on the image to open the Validity Map

Saver Day Pass / 1-Day Travel Pass

How to choose the right Swiss Rail Pass

It's quite a bit of a task figuring out which pass is right for you. If you need help, here is an example of how to do it.

If it is too confusing and timeconsuming for you, I can help you with it.

Where can I buy a Swiss Rail Pass and Tickets?

Swiss Travel Passes and Half Fare Card

Payments are accepted in CHF (Swiss Francs), EUR, GBP and USD.

Saver Day Pass

SuperSaver Tickets

Point-to-Point Tickets and City-to-City Tickets

Swiss Rail Pass Promotions


Regional Rail Passes

Regional Passes are convenient if you intend on staying longer in the regions that offer local passes. They can be purchased for a number of days and offer unlimited travel on the entire regional rail, bus and boat network and some mountain excursion. For others you receive a discount.

Regional passes can be purchased upon arrival at the airport, at train stations or online.

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