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Swiss Half Fare Card

by Brian
(Brisbane Australia)

My wife and I are from Australia and are hiring a car in Austria and will be travelling by car in Switzerland late August for approx. 14 days.

We will be staying at St Moritz, Lugano, Zermatt, Montreaux, Interlaken, Lucerne and Basel.

We are intending to travel to Jungfraujoch from Grindelwald one day but will also be using the various cable cars to travel to some interesting landmarks and also visiting museums, abbeys, castles etc.

Would the Swiss Half Fare card be the best option for us?


Answer to

Swiss Half Fare Card

Hello Brian,

Well, that really depends on how often you will take mountain transportation and where.

Once you figured out where you want to go, use the SBB Timetable widget in the right column to figure out prices. It will also tell you if you receive a discount with the half fare card or not. Then add the price of the Half Fare Card to the total and see if it is worth buying the card or paying full price.

If you decide against the Half Fare Card, you have the option of buying a "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon Ticket" to go up to the Jungfraujoch. If you include more mountain rides in the Jungfrau region, check out the "Jungfrau Centenary Pass" (on their website).

Also, check with your hotel in Grindelwald. Sometimes they offer packages - even if you only stay one night - where the ticket up to Jungfraujoch is included.

The Half Fare Card will not give you free museum entrances but you will receive 50% discount on public city transportation.

Ask for a Guest Card wherever you stay overnight. Sometimes you have to stay more than one night to get that card. Offers differ from city to city, but often they include free city transportation, free entrances into local museums, discounts on guided tours organized by the tourist office, and more.

Regional Passes

Not sure if one of the Regional Passes could be right for you. It really depends on how long you stay in each region and what you want to see:

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