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Mount Stockhorn
The "Stocky Horn" above Lake Thun

The Stockhorn high above Lake Thun
That distinct peak poking out into the sky to the left is Mount Stockhorn

The Bernese Professor Johannes Müller was the first climbing to the summit in 1536. This adventure inspired him so much that he wrote a poem in Latin about his ascent, the "Stockhornias", today part of "The Alpine Journal".

These poems in turn triggered a wave of enthusiasm for mountaineering. Today, one can climb the Stockhorn far easier, from "the back" so to speak: on well-marked and prepared hiking and theme trails. Or even easier, by aerial cable way from Erlenbach in the Simmen Valley.

Mount Stockhorn seen from Thun
And here from a different angle, seen from the City of Thun

The pronounced appearance of the 2190 m (7185 ft.) high Stockhorn is next to Mount Niesen with its pyramid shape the most characteristic mountain above Lake Thun.

Houses in the Simmental Valley

A short ride through the Simmen Valley, scattered with beautiful wooden chalets in the typical local style, brings visitors from Spiez (by train) and Wimmis (by car) to "Erlenbach im Simmental".

Village of Erlenbach in Switzerland

Although there's a shorter path up to the "Stockhornbahn" (cable way), the route leading through the village passes by interesting houses, among them the local museum.

Local village museum called Agensteinhaus in Erlenbach, Switzerland

The village museum is called "Agensteinhaus" and embodies the common three-room-wide and tow-generation house typical for this area. It is considered a jewel of a late 18th century farmhouses in the Simmen Valley.

A house in Erlenbach, Simmental

A typical but smaller wooden chalet with flower filled windowsills and a fountain in the front.

The green meadwos of the Simmental
The view from the aerial cable way to the green and lush meadows of the Simmen Valley, right after take-off.

While previously the enjoyment of mountaineering was the reason to climb this distinctive peak in the Bernese Alps, and therefore reserved to the fit and daring only, today the mountain has become a popular excursion destination, easily accessible for everyone to enjoy the awe-inspiring views, even if one is confined to a wheelchair.

Lake Hinterstockensee

Right below the mid-station "Chrindi" lies the idyllic "Hinterstockensee", a lovely spot with a circle path. The lake is full of rainbow trout and therefore popular with fishermen in summer and winter.

The Stockhorn seen from the mid-station

Mount Stockhorn looks "tamer" from the mid-station "Chrindi" than from the Lake Thun side :)

Hiking trail on the Stockhorn

The hiking trail leading away from "Chrindi" via "Hinterstockensee" and "Oberstockensee" up to Mount Stockhorn. There's the alpine restaurant "Oberstockenalp" mid-way up to the summit and an alpine hut where - if you arrive at the right time - you can see the dairy farmer giving the alpine cheese a daily scrub.

Dairy farmer in the Simmental
Ober-Stockensee in the Simmen Valley
Climbing Mount Stockhorn
Rock climbing garden for beginners and professionals in the compact lime stone
The view from Mount Stockhorn to Lake Thun and the Bernese Alps

Breathtaking view to a row of Bernese Alps, among them - from left to right - Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, Eiger - with its clearly recognizable north face - Finsteraarhorn, Mönch and Jungfrau.

The view to Lake Thun

Lake Thun to the right, in the middle Amsoldinger Lake and to the left the small Uebschisee. The two lovely lakes are connected to each other but have no above-ground drainage. However, the lakes are privately owned and are not accessible to the public. In the background the foothills of the Bernese Alps, the Emmental, the middle land and to the far left the Swiss Jura.

The view from the summit of Mount Stockhorn
The view from the Summit towards the Alps
The view to Lake Thun

View over Lake Thun to the Bernese and Lucerne Alps. To the right the "Solhorn".

View from the summit down to Lake Hinterstocken

Good to Know

Accessible year round

  • Summer season: Mid April to beginning of November
  • Winter season: Mid November to beginning of March

Getting there

  • By train to "Erlenbach im Simmental": From Bern just over one hour; from Thun 50 minutes; from Interlaken West approximately one hour; from Zweisimmen about 40 minutes and from Spiez 30 minutes. Then follow the signs up to the gondola - 10 to 15 walking time.
  • By car: Highway A6 via Bern to Wimmis and then direction Zweisimmen to "Erlenbach im Simmental". There's parking at the end of the village beneath the Stockhornbahn (free of charge).

Viewing platform and restaurant terrace

  • The last bit up to the summit is quite steep and only for the ones free of vertigo. However, there's a viewing platform with magnificent views to Lake Thun and beyond. It's also wheelchair accessible.
  • Soak up the sun on the spacious panorama restaurant terrace at the summit station and enjoy the wonderful views to the mountains.

Stockhorn events

  • The summit restaurant is a local favorite and known for its fine alpine cuisine. They organize Moonshine dinners, jazz concerts, dance evenings (from salsa to folklore),and National Day celebration on August 1st (if weather permitting, fabulous views to the fireworks in the area). Guided hiking tours and bungee jumping in summer. In winter the favorites are ice fishing and curling; snowshoeing and winter hiking; moonshine snowshoeing; ice sculpting and dinner events in the summit restaurant. Here's a complete list of events.

Not for the faint of heart: bungee jumping from the Stockhorn gondola

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Alfred Schwarz Alfred Schwarz - CEO of the Stockhornbahn - likes to mingle with visitors. He's a "Bernese Oberländer" with all his heart. Asked what he likes most on Mount Stockhorn he said that he particularly enjoys the winter activities: Curling on Lake Hinterstocken, snow shoeing and winter hiking.

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