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Self Catering Bern Accommodations

by Jorge
(Madrid, Spain)

I travel frequently to Berne, and I am tired of staying in Hotels. I tried to find self-catering apartments but I am not finding anything. There are all kinds of Bern accommodations listed for the holiday resorts but I am unable to come up with something in the City of Berne itself.

I spent a few frustrating days glued to the computer without results. Maybe I don’t use the correct way of searching. It’s driving me nuts.
Can you help?


Hello Jorge,

I understand your frustration on finding anything of value. Even if you use "correct" search terms like "self catering Bern accommodations", "serviced apartments Berne", "short stay rentals Berne", "furnished accommodations Berne" or - if you speak German - "Kurzzeitmiete in Bern" and "Ferienwohnungen Stadt Bern", there's a lot of crap you have to wade through to find usable information.

Also, short-term rentals for furnished flats and studios are not readily available in the City of Berne, so that's maybe another reason why the listings are hidden like little treasures. What's more, the shortage of housing in Bern means that most of the apartments in the city itself are permanently rented.

Though there are a few options:

  • The City of Bern offers a list of self-catering apartments for short-term rent.

  • The Artists House offers nightly rates and a discount for two weeks rent and longer

  • The Florhaus offers accommodation for 14 days and longer, though the prices are steep:

  • The Mohnhaus is located smack dab in the middle of the old town, minimum rental two weeks:

  • Another option is to search AirBnB for self-catering apartments;

  • The Apartment Haus Bern offers short-term rentals. Contact them by email for details.

Good luck and safe travels,

Comments for Self Catering Bern Accommodations

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Self Catering Bern Accommodations
by: isabelle

Check Apartments Justingerweg, beautiful flats with all the comforts. I loved it!!!

Bern City Rentals
by: Sara Greig

You can also check out Bern City Rentals,
Located in the old city and steps away from all the main attractions.
Fair prices and a free breakfast when you stay a week or more!

Bern City Rentals Updated Info
by: Rob

Bern City Rentals has expanded and has two apartments available in their 340+ year old building in the heart of the Old City of Berne.

Thanks Rob for the update!

Bern City Rentals Expands Again!
by: Rob

Hi Fida,

Just letting you know we expanded to include the 3rd floor apartment in our building. It's for a limited time only but we have availabilty from 28 March 2015 to 6 June 2015.

We'd love to mee you on one of your trips to Bern, maybe you'd like to book a stay?

Rob and Sara

p.s. the free breakfast is no longer offered but you still get 10 free Nespresso coffees!

Hello Rob and Sara,

Good to hear you expanded again. Bern needs good short-term rentals.

See you in Bern :)

Serviced apartments
by: mary

Did you check
Beautiful serviced apartments in the heart of Bern

New Serviced Apartments in Bern
by: Armotti

Newly renovated premises, practical, modern and comfortable business apartment in Bern.

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