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A Perfect View from Mount Le Grammont
in the Chablais Alps

Le Grammont is a mountain in the Chablais Alps in Western Switzerland situated at the south-east end of Lake Geneva, close to the Swiss-French border where the Rhône River flows into the lake.
The Chablais Alps - a mountain range on the southeast side of Lake Geneva, Canton Valais The view across Lake Geneva, with Le Grammont at the left end of the Chablais mountain range.

With a height of 2,172 m (7,126 ft), Le Grammont is not the highest mountain in the Chablais Alps (highest point Dents du Midi 3,257m/10,686 ft), but because of its prominent location right next to Lake Geneva at the lower end of the Rhône valley in the Canton Valais, it is a popular hiking destination that offers wonderful all-round views from the top.

The entire hike to the top of Mount Le Grammont is 6.5km in length from Miex/Le Flon, with a total elevation gain of 1100m to the summit.

The ascent to Lac de Taney from the small hamlet of Miex/Le Flon is doable in approximately one hour, but is a steep climb. The trail meanders almost straight up the slope, and the alternative, a narrow, barely used road, is hardly less steep.

But the effort is worth your while. After one reaches the Col de Taney, a small pass at 1440 m above sea level, the serene mountain Lake beckons in the distance. The romantic setting is surrounded by an impressive Alpine panorama with jagged rock faces of the Chablais Alps, among them the striking twin peaks Les Jumelles (2,215 m/7,267 ft), slim spruce trees and flower filled meadows - the ideal spot to relax, swim, fish and even dive. The Lake in itself is already worth a visit, and there are several restaurants and mountain huts to spend the night.

The view from the top of Mount Le Grammont to the Lake Geneva area and beyond The view across Lac de Tanay, with Les Jumelles ("the twins") in the background.

The trail continues just behind one of the chalets on Lac de Taney - first through a small patch of forest, but soon going up above the tree line. From here on the views of the surrounding mountains just get better and better. Eventually one reaches a saddle just below the summit, providing the first view over Lake Geneva, the Lavaux vineyards and the lakeside towns of Lausanne, Vevey, and Montreux (of Jazz Festival fame) on the opposite side of the lake.

The last 20 minutes or so are a steep climb up along a narrow ridge, to finally reach the summit. From the top of Le Grammont you have a stunning 360° view: the Jura mountains to the north, the Eiger & Jungfrau in the distance to the east in the Bernese Oberland, the Matterhorn popping up its distinct pyramid-shaped head to the southeast, the mighty Mont Blanc (in France) in full glory to the south, and, of course, to the Rhône River flowing into Lake Geneva right below your feet.

In other words - a perfect view.

The view from the top of Mount Le Grammont to the Lake Geneva area and beyond A panoramic view from the top of Le Grammont.

The way back down is along the same trail (approx. 6.5 km). This hike can be done in summer, and in winter it's possible on snowshoes or backcountry skis (be sure to check snow conditions). The Mountain Trail is well marked all along the way. In summer, Lac de Tanay is also a favorite spot for locals to go for a swim on a hot day.

The hiking route from Le Flon to Mount Le Grammont via Lac de Taney, Canton Valais - Switzerland The hiking route from Miex/Le Flon to Mount Grammont via Lac de Taney.

Alternative route

If you rather forgo the hike up to the summit of Le Grammont and spend more time at the lake, you can hike from Miex/Le Flon to Lac de Taney and then down to Le Bouveret, from where you can take the boat (or train) to Montreux and beyond.

For this 9km well-groomed and signaled trail you need approximately 4 hours. Even though the descent to Le Bouveret is longer than the steep ascent, the trail is moderate and "easy on the knees" between Lac de Taney and Le Bouveret.

How to get there

Public transport: There are not many buses between Vouvry and Miex (more frequent in summer than in winter), so check the SBB online timetable before you go. Enter the departure station to "Miex, Le Flon".

If you want to hike the alternative route make sure you check the boat connections from Le Bouveret - only between June and September.

By car: Via A9 from Montreux or the Vallais side to exit Villeneuve, follow signs to Rennaz and Vouvry. Parking at the end of the hamlet Miex.


The mountain road up to Lac de Taney is closed for private cars and locals need a permit and 4wheel drive. But if you want to forego the steep ascent, you can use the taxi service from Miex/Le Flon between May and October.

Wim Hordijk

Wim Hordijk, the wandering scientist, is an avid hiker and has been trekking all over the world. Please visit his website for hiking and walking experiences in Switzerland, especially in the Western and Southern part of the country.

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