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Lake Geneva Area for 4 Days

by Ri


We are 4 people travelling from France to Geneva in September this year and would be very interested in visiting the "not-to-miss things" there as well as the beautiful scenery.

Do you advise us to move away from Geneva to get the better spots (eg mountain top, lakes)?

Your comments would be of utmost hemp to us.

Thank you very much.

Answer to

Lake Geneva Area for 4 Days

Hello Ri,

Apologies for my late answer - I am getting swamped with questions. Never saw that coming :)

I definitely would move away from Geneva and stay anywhere between Nyon (easy access to Yvoire) and Montreux: Morges (beautiful lakeside community), Lausanne (great culture and market town), Cully (picturesque small village) or Vevey (charming small town). You definitely have quicker access to more activities and mountain visits when staying in one of these places.

Geneva is very small, and although the lake promenade is nice, the old town located on the south side of the Rhône River interesting and the Red Cross museum worth a visit, there is way more going for Lausanne than Geneva in my opinion.

Here a few suggestions for your September visit:

  • Recommendations for three days in the Swiss Riviera region

  • Excursion ideas. If time permits, I definitely would recommend visiting the medieval town of Murten, approximately one and a half hour by train via Payerne from Lausanne.

  • Suggestions for four days.

Here's a list with September festivals: Depending on the time you visit, the unique festival Combat des Reines in Martigny is close to the Swiss Riviera. Also, in September numerous Désalpe festivals take place, for example in L'Etivaz (about 30 km before Gruyères coming from Montreux) or in Charmey (about 10 km from Gruyères via Broc) - both on September 28. The wine fest in Neuchâtel takes place on the same weekend.

I hope this ideas will help you plan your visit.


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