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Jodlerfest Davos 2014

by Lorry Townsend
(Sooke BC, Canada)

My wife is from Switzerland and we go there often. This year at her insistence, we went to the Jodlerfest in Interlaken. None of her family in Switzerland had ever attended and so we went.

This event was nothing short of fabulous and was full of Swiss culture. I have a photo taken from behind of two yodellers having their hands in their pockets. I wish to contact the Bündner Jodel Club or the organizers of the event in 2014 to use this iconic photo.

I look forward to your answer. If you can come up with a phone number or web site, I will be very grateful. Thank you.

Answer for

Jodlerfest Davos

So glad to hear that you liked the Jodlerfest in Interlaken. It's probably the best event to see the cultural variety Switzerland has to offer. I'd love to have one of your photos on my website. Please consider emailing me your photo and I will publish it here.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to attend, though my niece enjoyed it very much, even though the weather was a little shaky. I sure plan to visit the next Jodlerfest in Davos. It's pretty much at the doorstep of my parent's home. And what's more, my brother is an active Yodeller and will participate with his club. So there is no excuse not to attend :)

To answer your question:


Festival calendar July: Jodlerfest Davos 2014

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