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Horn Sled Races
Tradition, sport and lots of fun

Horn sled races have a long tradition in the Alpine regions of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Daring teams of two and more (women and men) descend at breakneck speed of up to 90 km/h (60 mph) and compete fiercely for the first place. Accidents are prone to happen, and daredevil maneuvers and crashes are part of the fun. Of course, one always prays for a good outcome.

Horn sled race My nephew with his team :)

Originally, the horn sled was an important working tool for farmers, an indispensable winter vehicle to transport hay from higher elevations to the main farm in the valley. Or even haul lumber out of the woods. To drive a horn sled safely, it needed some good skills. It was actually quite dangerous if a farmer couldn't control the speed. Accidents happened. But it was a working device until the late 50s.

Today hay is transported by tractors during the summer season, and horn sleds got a new lease on live as sports equipment. The sled takes its name from the runners, reminiscent of horns.

Fans and spectators cheer the participants and are in for a fun and entertaining day. At the end, there's always a party with plenty of food, drinks and folk music.

A list of the largest Horn sled races in Switzerland


  • 14.01.2017 Sattel-Hochstuckli (Canton Schwyz) - close to Lucerne;
  • 28.01.2017 Weisstannen/Mels (Canton St. Gallen) - close to Zürich and Chur;
  • 29.01.2017 Mumpé/Medel (Canton Graubünden) - near Disentis/Mustér in the Surselva.


  • 11.02.2017 Braunwald (Canton Glarus), one of the largest Horns led races - close to Zürich and Chur;
  • 11.02.2017 Mörlialp/Giswil (Canton Obwalden) - close to Lucerne;
  • 11.02.2017 Breil/Brigels (Canton Graubünden) - close to Chur;
  • 18.02.2017 Avers Cröt (Canton Graubünden) - close to Chur;
  • 19.02.2017 Adelboden/Chuenisbärgli (Canton Bern) - close to Interlaken/Thun.


  • 04.03.2017 Grindelwald/Alpligen (Canton Bern) - Jungfrau Region;
  • 11/12.03.2017 Klewenalp above Beckenried (Canton Nidwalden) - close to Lucerne;
  • Beginning of March Saas Fee (Canton Valais) - exact date will be announced.

Please note: Sometimes, races have to be postponed due to not enough snow or very bad weather conditions. Please contact the tourism offices of the villages to make sure the sled race will take place on the announced date.

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