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We are two adults (husband & wife) with a 5 year old and 3 months old from India. Our itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Arrive at Zurich around 1.30 pm and directly go to Interlaken West for overnight stay
Day 2: Trip from Interlaken to Jungfrau and back
Day 3: Interlaken to Lucerne and then local in Lucerne
Day 4: Trip from Lucerne to Mt. Titlis and back
Day 5: To be figured out/ Local in Lucerne
Day 6: Local in Lucerne, then will be picked up by company for office trip thereafter

Can you please advise:

Whether we take the 4-continuous day Swiss Pass for 2 adults saver (as we'll travel together), and then on Day 5 and 6 buy locally half fare tickets (will the latter be easily available?)

Or should we buy half fare tickets for each trip?

We will have 2 large and 2 small suitcases along. Will there be extra charge or any difficulty in carrying them along for Zurich-Interlaken and Interlaken-Lucerne trips?

Also, how do we go from Zurich airport to train station?

Any suggestions for what we can do on Day 5 and 6? Should we consider doing a day-trip to Zurich and anything else?


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Help with Switzerland Itinerary

Hello G,

That is quite some travelling you plan to do with a toddler and a baby in tow. Since you have two free days in Lucerne why not staying at least one day longer in the Jungfrau Region?

Travel ideas for Jungfrau Region and Lucerne

As I mention quite frequently, only go all the way up to the Jungfrau if weather permits. You'd be disappointed if you don't see anything on top after paying a fortune for tickets (25% discount with all passes).

See my tips on what to do and see in and around Lucerne and the Jungfrau Region here

And here a few things to do for families near Interlaken incase the Jungfrau is shrouded in clouds.

Great fun for children is a visit to the Open Air Museum Ballenberg. Take the train from Interlaken Ost to Brienz, then the postal bus to the museum and on your way back to Interlaken catch a boat from Brienz. However, you would need a whole day to do this.

As for Lucerne, the Swiss Transport Museum and the Mirror Maze at the "Gletschergarten" would probably be fun for your 5-year old. For sightseeing in Lucerne, check out the blue and white City Train on wheels (between April and October) that departs in front of the Hotel Schweizerhof (right across the bridge from the train station). Not sure though if the 40-minute tour is too much for your children.

Blue and white city train in Lucerne

Rail Passes

As you mentioned, a Swiss Pass is valid on consecutive days and therefore does not offer trips at a 50% discount for the rest of your stay in Switzerland.

In your case, a Swiss Flexi Saver Pass makes more sense. That way you can choose your travel days whenever you please. In-between travel days, the Flexi pass acts as a half fare card.

To figure out the best option for your needs - Flexi Saver Pass or Half Fare Card - see my example on my help page.


You can take your luggage free of charge with you. Though depending on the season, luggage compartments could be overfilled and large suitcases don't always fit between seats. Be prepared to search for a suitable spot.

There are no direct trains to Interlaken from the Airport. Make sure you board a train at Zürich Airport that goes directly to Bern (change of trains for Interlaken) so you don't have to change trains in Zürich main train (Zürich HB) and even in Spiez. Choose a train that is marked Zürich Flughafen - Bern - Interlaken Ost (or ask for help at the SBB train travel desk).

Most Intercity trains offer family coaches with play areas - either at the front or end of the train. Chances are that you even find a better spot there for your luggage.

By the way, why don't you choose Interlaken Ost as a base? That way when you continue your trip to Lucerne via Br√ľnig-Hasliberg you wouldn't have to change trains on that leg of your journey. What's more, trains to the Jungfrau region leave from Interlaken Ost.

Train station in the Airport

Easy to find. Just follow the signs. The Train Travel Centre SBB (SBB stands for Federal Railways) is located in Check-In 3 and trains leave right beneath.

location of train station at Zurich Airport

Hope that helps,

PS: Please do share a few photos and words of your Swiss experience. I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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