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Foreign Currencies

by John

Good day Fida,

Need to know whether US and Euro dollars are accepted in Switzerland?

And are there money changers at Zurich airport or any of the train stations?

Thank you.


Answer for

Foreign Currencies

Good day John,

You can use EUROS to pay in most stores, hotels and larger restaurants, but any change you will receive back will be in Swiss Francs, and of course, they don't use the best exchange rate (for you, that is :-).

US Dollars are not really accepted, unless you stay and shop in upscale places. But I wouldn't take the risk.

You are much better off exchanging your money in banks or at any train station (they give you the same exchange rate as banks do). And yes, you can change your money at any airport as well.

There is more than one bank at Zürich's Airport: UBS, Credit Suisse, Zürcher Kantonalbank - they are all at Arrival 1 and 2 - open between 8am and 10pm. You can't miss them. I'd recommend to change your money at banks and trains stations where you don't have to pay a fee, rather than at any foreign exchange offices.

You also find ATM's (Bancomat and Postomat) in both arrival areas.

I've written more about Swiss currency here.

Enjoy your trip and travel safe!


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