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Factory Outlets in Switzerland

by Michelle

Hi Fida,

Michelle here. I wanted to know if you could recommend any factory outlets in Switzerland? I know about the Fox Factory but would be interested in more.


Answer to

Fashion Outlets in Switzerland

Hi Michelle,

I now of two more outlet factories in the areas you plan to visit, as well as one open air market that is definitely interesting:

  • Fashionfish in Schönenwerd (vis-à-vis the train station) is an outlet that sells all known international labels. Located between Basel and Zürich. You have to change the train in Olten and take a regional train that will stop in Schönenwerd.

  • Outletpark Murgenthal: 20 stores with more than 100 top brands. Check the opening hours before you go. Murgenthal is situated near Rothrist (between Basel and Lucerne). Again, you would have to change trains in Olten and hop on a regional train that will stop in Murgenthal. Not sure, how far away from the train station the outlet is situated.

  • Something more "old fashion" would be a visit in Luino (Italy). Its weekly market on Wednesday’s is probably the largest of its kind in all of Europe, at least the most colourful one. It’s approximately one hour by train and bus from Lugano. I know you plan to leave Lugano on May 1st, but if you do change your plans, the Luino Market really would be worth your while.

Have fun!

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Lace material outlets in Switzerland
by: Mary

Please help me with different open markets and outlets where I can purchase lace materials in Switzerland.

I want to visit Switzerland but I have no knowledge of the best places to buy lace materials.

Best regards


Hi Mary,

If you are looking specifically for Swiss lace and embroidery, then St. Gallen (Saint Gall) is the city to visit. St. Gallen is known worldwide as the textile center, and their embroidered fabric is used by all famous couturiers and prât-à-porter designers (Michelle Obama wore a lace-over-wool lemongrass coloured dress and coat made of St. Gallen fabric during the inaugural parade). Don't miss their excellent textile museum. You can visit the museum on your own or during a city tour, organized by the tourism office in St. Gallen.

Many fabric manufacturers have their own factory outlets. Some of them are open during business hours; others offer special sales several times a year.

Since I don't know exactly what you are looking for, do have a look at their websites and contact them directly for further information:

Bischoff Textil AG
Fabrik Outlet Address: Burgstrasse 20, St. Gallen;
Open: Monday to Friday afternoons and Saturday morning;
Closed: The last two weeks in July and first week in August (company holidays) as well as from Christmas to January 3rd.

Jakob Schlaepfer - (Bambola Stickereiboutique)
Excuisite laces and embroidery. Contact them to check for outlet sales.
St. Gallen: Fürstenlandstrasse 99
Zürich: Obere Zäune 6

Fabrikverkauf Forster Rohner AG
St. Gallen: Flurhofstrasse 150
Special factory sales four times a year.

Cilander Fabrikladen (factory outlet)
Cotton Voile and other fabrics.
Herisau (about 10 minutes by train from St. Gallen): Cilanderstrasse 19;
Open: Wednesday , Thursday, Friday afternoons; every first Saturday of the month 9am to noon.

Apropos Store
Zürich: Hohlstrasse 201
Open: Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm and Saturday 11am to 5pm.
They have sales sometimes. Do check their FB page to get the idea of what they sell.

Also, check flea markets/brocantes in the cities you are visiting.

Happy shopping,

Swiss Watch Outlet Stores
by: Mescie


I'm looking for the discounted watch outlet stores in Switzerland. What are the names of those stores? Thanks.

Hello Mescie,

Discount outlets for Luxury Swiss Watches don't exist in Switzerland. Officially, there are no sellouts from watchmakers.

There are regular watch stores that sell second hand, new watches from store clearances or estate sales. Try Juwelier Nico Damken, Bleicherweg 54 in Zürich (new) and Herbort AG, Haus Anka, in Saas-Fee (used).

All the best,

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