Electrical Adapter and Converter

by Benjamin Breedlove
(Texas City, TX, USA)

I live in America. I will be visiting Switzerland in a month and I have a question regarding the electrical adapter and/or converter that I need to purchase to power my electrical devices such a laptop, CPAP system (for sleep apnea) and my daughters curling iron.

I heard that Switzerland has 220V while we use 110V here. The hotel that I am going to in Switzerland has a power connection with 2 holes. My laptop and CPAP system has 3 prongs, so what do I need to do to use them in there?

Thank you.

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Electrical Adapter for Switzerland

Hello Ben,

You did a good job asking the hotel about specifics. Unfortunately, many of the older and smaller hotels as well as B&B's still only have wall sockets with two holes.

In your case, you need a so-called non-grounded plug – an electrical adapter with two rounded prongs (this plug can also be used in wall outlets with 3 holes, should you change your hotel).

"Read the Labels"

To make sure you buy the right plug for Switzerland’s 230Volt system, read the electrical specifications embossed or printed on the back or side of your items.

A simple electrical adapter works just fine for most rechargeable electronics such as laptop computer, cell phone, camera, iPod, etc., (they operate on DC = Direct Current electricity).

For example, the electrical nameplate for my battery charger states:

- Input: 100-240V ~50/80 Hz

so a simple two rounded prong electrical adapter is all I need (the same applies to my laptop, cell phone and iPod).

If your daughter’s curling iron is a dual voltage item (in other words, if it has a 240Volt switch), it only needs a simple electrical adapter. If it is a high power electrical curler (1400 Watts and more), then she would need a transformer.

Your CPAP system could very well be a high power item that needs a voltage transformer, unless it has a built in dual voltage system. Again, read the specifications on the back to be sure.

electrical adapter for Switzerlandelectrical adapter for Switzerland

A two-prong adapter fits into a three-hole wall socket.

Voltage Transformer

For high power appliances, you will need a transformer.

The common travellers transformer with an output of 50 watt can be used for your daughter’s high power curling iron, but read the specification to be sure.

If she travels frequently, an alternative would be a cordless travel curling iron. Although it is cheap, she’d need refill cartridges and I don’t know how long they last.

Your sleep apnea device tough will run for hours and therefore I would recommend looking into a transformer that is rated for at least twice the wattage that is written on the nameplate of your CPAP system. I don’t know which system you have, but I doubt that it is a dual voltage travel item (that only would need a simple electrical adapter).

Do not use a Converter. Even if you use the correct wattage that is written on your appliances. Converters are very unstable and they can fry your appliances. You don't want that for your sleep apnea system.

Make sure your appliances are rated for 50 and 60 Hz cycles. Transformers designed only for one frequency - 50 or 60 - could overheat and burn out your item.

How to know which electrical adapter works?

If the electrical specifications on the nameplate of your items state:

- 110-220 volts, 50/60 Hz, 200 watts (2 amps) or less, then you can use a simple electrical adapter and/or a 250 volt universal surge strip. Most likely, you want to charge your chargeable items (laptop, batteries for camera, cell-phone) over night. Most older hotels don’t have enough outlets in the rooms. If you take more than just your laptop, I recommend bringing a universal surge stripuniversal surge strip with you – in most cases they have a built in surge protector which helps as well in case of unstable power. You still need the two prongs adapter with it.

- 110-220 volts, 50/60 Hz, 200 watts (2 amps) or more, then bring a simple electrical adapter with you, but don’t use a surge strip.

- 110 volts and 60 Hz , 25 watts (1/4 amps) or less, then buy a 50 to 60 watt transformer with a Swiss two rounded prong plug in.

- 110 volts and 60 Hz, 26 watts (1/4 amps) or more, then the appliance is not fit for travel.

Tip: 220 volt applies for voltages between 200 and 250 volts.

Where to buy

At Home:
Many department stores and electrical specialty stores, travel agents and luggage retailers offer electrical adapters. But make sure you know exactly what you need, because most store clerks don’t know anything about it (my personal experience).

There are many online stores (amongst them Amazon) that sell both, electrical adapters and transformers. Again, make sure what you need before you hit the buy button.

  • Duty free shops at your departure airport carry electrical adapters, but if you need a transformer for your sleep apnea system, don't rely on finding one there. Chances are, they don’t have what you need.

  • If you only need a simple electrical adapter, you can buy one in the Airport in Zürich at the following stores:
- Migros in the Airport Center, above Check-in 3
- Interdiscount, Check-In 3
- Sound&Vision, Check-in 2
- Travel Star/Davidoff, across from Coop above Check-in 3

I suspect that you are staying in an older hotel (most newer ones have 3 prong wall sockets). Make sure your daughter can plug in her – probably high power - curling iron in the bathroom wall socket. If there’s only a socket integrated in the light fixture at the "medicine cabinet" above the sink, chances are, she will not get enough "juice" out of it to make it hot enough. This socket is only meant for razors. To be on the safe side, ask at the desk if it can be plugged in or not.

Enjoy your trip to Switzerland!


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Voltage Transformer
by: Nhi Phan

I've just moved to Zurich several months ago.
I have a multi purpose heat tool (use for scrap-booking) that shows
- Temp: 650'F/450'C
- Watt: 300
- AMPS: 3
- Volts: 120V AC
So which voltage transformer I should buy? I have no idea about this thing.
Thank you so much!


Hi Nhi,

I fear I am of no help to you. I am not sure if you need a voltage converter or if an electrical adapter would be enough.

Since you are already in Zürich, why don't you take the heating tool to an "Elektro Geschäft" near you to get the proper advice.


Voltage Transformer
by: Nhi Phan

I will do it!
Thank you so much!
By the way, you mentioned Elektro Geschäft, is it Interdiscount? Or any Coop, Migros?


Hi Nhi,

You are welcome :)

"Elektrofachgeschäfte" are stores specialized in electronic appliances. You know, the guys who come to your house when you need light fixtures etc. Of course, every one has a different name but when you search for "Elektrofachgeschäfte" in the phone book or over the Internet, they will pop up. Or just ask your landlord for a recommendation.

You can try in a Interdiscount store or - if there's a large Migros store in your neighbourhood that also offers electronic supplies.

Good luck,

Electrical adapter for TV and gaming system
by: Rebecka

Do you have any experience with televisions and gaming systems and what would be needed to bring them from US and use in Switzerland?

Hi Rebecka,

I sold my TV when I moved back to Switzerland because it seemed too complicated. The two systems are not compatible and North American TVs don't function in PAL mode. It also needs more than just a voltage converter.

Here's an in-dept explanation about the
difference between the North American and European TV System.


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