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Easter Plays in Mendrisio, Ticino (TI)

Yearly Event

  • Wednesday - The Passion in Coldrerio (Mendrisio)
  • Maundy Thursday - Historical Procession in Mendrisio
  • Good Friday - Historical Procession in Mendrisio
Easter Plays in Mendrisio

The Passion


In case of bad weather a film of the procession will be shown at the Oratory in Coldreiro at 9pm

The Passion of Coldrerio dates back to 1945 when a few young people inspired by the historical processions that already took place in Mendrisio since the 17th century, initiated the Passion play. Since then, the Passion of Coldrerio has become a cherished tradition and quite an Easter play hot spot.

The Castello of Coldrerio provides a dramatic backdrop for the open-air event and the hill of Ciossetto a natural setting for the Crucifixion.

When: Wednesday - 8.30 pm
Where: Castello of Coldrerio approx. 2,5 km from the city center of Mendrisio

Historical Maundy or Holy Thursday Procession


Will only be held in good weather.

Locally known as the "Ceremony of the Judean's", the historical Maundy Thursday Procession grew from a small event organized by the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament and celebrated in the church to an outdoor public event with hundreds of spectators. Approximately 200 actors in historical costumes and riders on horseback portray the "Historical Procession of Christ to Calvary". The original, richly embroidered costumes were bought from the Scala in Milan in 1898, and although none of the original costumes have made it through all these decades, each and every one has been faithfully reconstructed.

When: Maundy Thursday - 8.30 pm
Where: Starts at 8:30pm from the Church San Giovanni Mendrisio Centre.

Historical Good Friday Procession


Will only be held in good weather.

The candle and lantern lit Procession of more than 600 participants meanders through the narrow streets of Mendrisio like a flowing river of lights. Pastoral music emphasizes the liturgical character of the celebration. Lay actors, followed by the Banner of Mendrisio, carry the Ancient statues of Christ and the Virgin of Seven Sorrows along.

When: Friday - 8.30 pm
Where: In the Centre of Mendrisio. Start and end at the "Padri Serviti monastery".

How to get to Mendrisio:

Easy reachable by train via Lugano. The train takes you from Lugano to Mendrisio in approximately
20 minutes.

Distances by car

  • Lugano to Mendrisio approx. 20 km (12,5 mi)
  • Zürich - Mendrisio approx. 230 km (143 mi)
  • Bern - Mendrisio via Lucerne approx. 297 km (185 mi)
  • Bern - Mendrisio via Kandersteg (car transport by train to Goppenstein) and Domodossola (Italy) approx. 273 km (170 mi)
  • Milan - Mendrisio approx. 61 km (38 mi)

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For more information see Mendrisio Tourism

Photo credit: Mendrisio Tourism

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