Car Rental in Switzerland

by Donald Reinle
(Batavia IL, USA)

I plan to be in Zürich the 29th of September 2013 for 2 nights. I want to visit Laufenburg where my father was born.

My concern is the time of year for car travel and language barrier. I only speak English.

Are there any restrictions as to age, I am 75 yrs old.

I would spend most of my time in Zürich,after my visit to Laufenburg.

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Car Rental in Switzerland

Hello Donald,

Even though the weather is quite unpredictable lately, you'll be fine driving during September and October, especially since you don't plan to hit the alps.

Road signs in Switzerland look much the same as in the USA and most of them are self explanatory. For more on driving in Switzerland see here. Renting a car with GPS could be helpful.

Beginning at the age of 70, Swiss citizens need a medical check-up every two years, and the medical practitioner decides if the driver can keep his/her license or not. I suppose you have similar regulations in the USA. As long as you have a valid driver's license without restrictions in your own country you are allowed to drive in Switzerland.

A word of caution though: Zürich's city streets are extremely busy and driving a car is not the best way to get around, especially when drivers are not accustomed to the hectic traffic. Finding parking space is tricky. Getting around by public transport is way easier and most of the time faster. Laufenburg is easy reachable by public transportation; it's only about an hour by train and bus from Zürich. Since you stay most of the time in Zürich, I wouldn't really recommend renting a car.

You may want to check out Zürich's Guest Card to see if that could be an option for you.

A return ticket Zürich to Laufenburg would be CHF 52 as of today.

Getting a half fare card would only be feasible if you plan to travel more often long distances than just once. You can check out more options here.

I wish you a safe trip,


Don't miss out on a trip up to the Uetliberg, Zürich's house mountain. Although these photos were made this November on a rainy day late in the afternoon, you still can "imagine" how beautiful the view could be if you catch a sunny day :)

Panoramic View from Zuerich's house mountain Uetliberg

The view from Uetliberg on a rainy November day

View from Uetliberg to the city of Zuerich

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