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Blausee, Switzerland
A Romantic Forest Lake in the Kander Valley

Lake Blausee between Kandersteg and Frutigen in the Bernese Oberland is a romantic and pretty forest lake of an intensely blue colour which gives it the name: Blue Lake.

A paved path leads from the gift shop at the entrance down to the lake through a thick forest. Quickly, the striking blue lake appears and and will wow you with its beauty.

Blausee in the Kander Valley near Frutigen
This colour is out of this world!

The small lake - really more a pond - sits in the middle of a beautiful 22-acre nature park that reminds me of a natural Japanese Garden.

The small Blausee in the Bernese Oberland

The trail meanders between towering pine trees, thick bushes and boulders covered in moss. One steps over roots that embrace stones, crosses over small bridges and overcomes heights on stairs. If you believe in fairies, this is definitely the place to meet them.

The trail leads through the romatnic forest surrounding Blausee

The Legend of the Blue Lake

Once upon a time, this little lake in the Kander Valley looked just like any other alpine lake. A maid lived close by and when she fell in love with a shepherd they started to row out onto the lake to find some alone time in the bright and romantic moonlit nights.

The Blue Lake in the Kander Valley

One day the Shepherd fell off a cliff to his death. Night after night, the inconsolable maid rowed out to the middle of the lake to mourn her loss. One morning her parents found her daughter had drowned and the boat had sunk with her to the bottom of the lake.

On that day the lake had mysteriously changed its colour to the intense deep blue shade of the eyes of the tragically enamored maid.

The colour of the Blausee is intensely blue

For the ones who prefer facts, the lake was created by a landslide more than 15'000 years ago. The crystal clear lake is fed by underground springs which keep the water at a constant cool temperature, ideal for the many trout living in it. The Blausee is known for its outstanding quality of trout and has its own hatchery.

One of the hiking paths leading down to Lake Blausee

It is possible to take a tour on a glass bottomed row boat to appreciate the beauty of the lake and its surroundings from a different angle. The boatman wasn't very talkative though. Even though he was very knowledgeable and answered every question in detail, one had to pull the information out of him.

row boat guide
Our stern looking rower :)

The lake is so clear that one can see tree trunks and rocks at the bottom of the lake even though it's up to 12 m (39.4 ft.) deep.

The playground
This is just a small part of the fairly large playground with lots of possibilities to barbecue

Lake Blausee is a charming spot to relax for a few hours and ideal for kids of all ages. The large playground with swings, slides, fire pits (wood provided) and tables is a perfect place for a picnic. The inviting small creek keeps beverages cool and small kids happy.

Good to Know

It's not exactly off-the-beaten path. It's close to Interlaken and it's very crowded in July and August. Luckily, we had the place almost to ourselves on a late September day at the end of a hiking day spent in the Kander Valley.

Operating hours

  • Summer: 9am to 5 pm with some exceptions when it closes early for special events;
    Winter: 10am to 5pm;
    It's popular for weddings, anniversaries and special parties. Do check their website before you go
  • Admission has to be paid in the gift shop at the entrance;
  • Stroller and wheelchairs accessible.

Getting there

  • By train and bus: 1 hour from Bern; 40 minutes from Thun, 30 minutes from Spiez, 1 hour and 10 minutes from Interlaken Ost (East);
  • By Car: Large parking area at the front entrance;
  • Hiking: After we spent most of the day at Oeschinen Lake, we hiked from the train station Kandersteg to Blausee in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is a scenic hike and marked as "Kulturweg Frutigenland" (Culture trail Frutigenland). It's mostly downhill with only one short steep section going upwards.

  • Frutigen
    The striking train viaduct in Frutigen, seen from the trail between Kandersteg and Blausee

    Although the path was marked as "stroller friendly", it was not at the time we went. We helped a family carry their stroller over a fairly large area that was too small and rocky to push the stroller. However, most of the trail looks similar to the photo below.
    hiking trail from Kandersteg

    Great for bikers, and the path is accessible in winter too. Although we could have continued the hike to Frutigen, we were too tired and just took the bus that stops right across the street from the Blausee entrance.

Events at Blausee

Christmasmarket on Blausee
Atmospheric Christmas Market - more photos on Maria's Art blog
  • Summer highlights: Open-air Movie Theater at the lake; open-air concerts;
  • October: Each year a fishing event is held for three weeks in October, daily 8am to 5pm;
  • Winter highlights: Christmas magic and market mid-December; Sunday brunch with local products between November and March (reservation necessary);
  • Ayurveda weeks: Early spring and late fall.

Food and Drinks

There are two restaurants - "Pizzeria and Grill Conventino" at the entrance and the main restaurant with a large outdoor dining area at the lake. Blausee is known for organic trout delicacies, but of course serves a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes as well. By the way, their own hatchery next door can be visited.

Restaurant and hotel Blausee
Imagine waking up in such a romantic place


  • Blausee is easily visited on a day trip from anywhere in the Bernese Oberland.
  • However, if you want to spend a special romantic night - the lake is lit from beneath at night - or a spa weekend, the 3star Hotel Blausee has 17 rooms, each one is decorated differently. Regular sauna, sanarium (low heat sauna), steam-grotto, hot tub and bathtub garden.

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