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Baggage transfer while hiking in Switzerland

by Pat
(New York, USA)

My husband and I are going to hike the Haute Route in September. We land in Geneva and will transport to Chamonix for the start of the hike. We would like to send our luggage from the Geneva airport straight ahead to Zermatt for when we arrive in Zermatt two weeks later. We were told we would have to purchase a train ticket to Zermatt but that does not seem to make sense as we will be hiking there. Can anyone provide more information on how the Swiss Rail baggage transfer works? We will be taking the train at the end of the hike from Zermatt to Visp.

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Baggage transfer

Hello Pat,

You are correct; baggage transfer is only available for passengers with a valid train ticket. And yes, you could buy a ticket to be able to send your luggage by train, but that can become quite expensive.

There are two other options I can recommend:

Fly Rail Baggage
You can send your luggage directly to Zermatt from your home airport. You will need a "Fly Rail Baggage tag" to attach to your luggage (max. 32 kg or 70.5 pounds per bag). You can get this tag for CHF 22 (in your local currency) from your travel agent or online from Rail Europe. Go to the Swiss Travel System Website, scroll down to the end of the page to "Sales points", click on the link to open the PDF file that provides the correct Rail Europe link for your country of residence.

Your luggage will be stored free of charge up to four days after arrival. After that a fee of CHF 5 per day applies. Ask your hotel to pick up your baggage for you. You may have to send them a copy of your travel documents.

Luggage as Post Parcel
You could send your luggage as post parcel from Geneva Airport directly to your hotel in Zermatt. The price is quite reasonable for standard dimensions (fees for Bulky goods apply).

Enjoy your hiking holidays!

Prices are subject to change.

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