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Airport departure tax

by John

Good day Fida,

Many thanks for your kind advice and the informative link provided by you on "Switzerland Travel Advice".

Forgot to check with you earlier on airport departure tax. Is there any?
I'm travelling on Singapore Airline flight.

One last question, I do have some old British pound notes which cannot be used. Do any of your banks accept for conversion to Swiss Francs?

Appreciate and thank you once again!


Answer for

Airport Departure Tax

Grüezi, and welcome back John,

You are very welcome :)

Departure Tax
No, there are no additional departure taxes to pay on top of what you already pay when you purchase your ticket. Did you notice how much taxes there are on a ticket? Sometimes taxes are higher than the actual air fare. We could learn from Air carriers to save money, because their taxes don't count toward income. Ah, but I am rambling here :)

Old British Pounds
Although I suspected the answer, I contacted the two largest banks in Switzerland in order to give you the correct answer.

Unfortunately, they don't accept old British Pounds to exchange for Swiss Franks.

It'll be a bit tricky to get them exchanged. Apparently, you can't even exchange them in England if you don't have a bank account there. Pounds are given out by various Banks in England. Check where your pounds are coming from (the bank should be mentioned on the notes). If you know someone who has a bank account with that particular bank, you could ask them to exchange the Pounds for you.

Travel safely,

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Note of Commendation
by: John

Good day Fida,

Thank you so much for all your information and I really appreciate your extra effort of checking on the old British pounds which is beyond my expectations.

I'm just back from my Switzerland holidays and have enjoyed every minute of it. It's such a beautiful country, spectacular scenery and world class train system. Words are difficult to describe about my trip as you just have to be there to see and personally experience the scenic train rides up and down the mountains.

Well done Fida!


A postcard for you!
by: Fida

Hi John,

You are very welcome :)

So good to hear from you. And of course, I am happy that you liked your vacation.

I am playing tourist in my own country. I think - if the weather cooperates - fall is one of the most beautiful times to travel around Switzerland. The colours are so much more intense. Here's a picture of the Oeschinenlake, a UNESCO protected area near Kandersteg - and my personal postcard for you!

Berner M√ľnster, Cathedral of Berne


by: John

Hi Fida,

Thank you for your postcard with the beautiful lake!

Hope to be there again to visit this place.

Best regards

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