2 for 1 Swiss Saver Pass promotion

by John

Hi, I'll be holidaying in Switzerland for 10 days with 3 of my friends this September.

Saw from the internet that there is a 2 for 1 promotion for 4-day Swiss Saver Pass at CHF 226. Need to know whether we can get this promotion pass at Zurich train station at a lower price as we are budget travellers.

Appreciate your early reply, thank you!

Answer to

2 for 1 Swiss Saver Pass promotion

Hi John,

The Swiss Saver Pass for 4 consecutive days would only be cheaper if you are between 16 and 26, then you are eligible for the Youth pass (CHF 200 instead of CHF 226).

The price will be the same, no matter if you buy at the train station, upon arrival at the airport or online from the Swiss Railways directly.

Enjoy your holiday!


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Comments for 2 for 1 Swiss Saver Pass promotion

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2 for 1 Swiss Saver Pass Promotion
by: John

Thanks Fida for your prompt reply.

We are no longer youth and according to the information provided in your link i.e.:

"2 for 1 Swiss Passes for 2 adults:

Order 2 passes and pay only for 1.

2 for 1 Swiss Saver Pass 4 days 2nd class CHF 226.00".

From the above, is it that we can buy at the price of CHF 226 with no age restriction at Zurich train station?

Thank you & Best regards

Swiss Pass Promotion
by: Fida

Hello again John,

You are welcome.

No age restrictions apply, if you are no longer youth.

And yes, as I mentioned above, you can buy it at the train station or online, the price stays the same.

Hope that helps,

2 for 1 Swiss pass for 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi ,
Me and my wife will be on holiday in March 2013 for 4 days. that's why I am looking for 2 for 1 swiss pass for 2 adults, but I am not seeing any such pass for march, Please suggest.

Swiss Pass Promotion for 2013
by: Fida

The Swiss Railways change their special offer each year. For 2013, they offer one day of free travel if you purchase a 4-day Swiss Pass in first class.

information please
by: Yo

We plan to travel at Swiss around August for 8 days.So we (3 persons) are interested in 2 for 1 Swiss pass promotion. But I can not find the detail about the promotion. Could you informe me please.

Swiss Pass Promotion
by: Fida

Hello Yo,

As stated above, they change their offer each year. Unfortunately, for 2013, there is no 2 for 1 promotion.

Enjoy your journey!


Swiss Pass or Renting a Car
by: Anonymous


I want to ask which will be cheaper. To rent a car for 4 days or get a Swiss pass for 4 days.

Hello Anonymous,

That really depends on your travel plans and how many people will travel with you.

Generally, if you travel alone, one of the travel pass options will most certainly be cheaper than renting a car.

If you need help finding the best pass options, this example might help you.

Save travels,

Swiss saver pass price for 2 adults
by: Yogesh

What is the price of swiss saver pass for 2 adults. I and my wife are coming in September. We want swiss saver pass for, 4 days price..


This was a promotion and has ended quite some time ago.
All Swiss Travel Pass Options are listed here.

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