15 Days Swiss Pass

by Lena

Have read with confusion on many websites on whether we can purchase the 15 days Saver Swiss pass upon arrival at Zurich airport.

I've checked in the Singapore outlets where they charge a booking fee of SGD8 per pass and SGD8 per family card. The exchange rate for the pass is not favourable as well.

If I should purchase upon arrival at Zurich Airport, will I be ONLY paying CHF395 per person without any admin/booking fees, etc.? Do we have to pay for issuance of family card?

Appreciate your guidance and confirmation.

Thank you.

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15 Days Swiss Pass

Hi Lena,

Yes, of course, you can buy any Swiss Pass (except the Transfer Ticket) upon arrival in Switzerland at any airport or train station, and there are no fees involved whatsoever. The family card is for free (no fees either).

Keep in mind that July and August are busy travel months. So you might want to be prepared for a little waiting time at the ticket counter.

Enjoy your holiday,

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Till what time can you purchase the Swiss Pass at the Zurich Airport
by: Amudha


I land at the Zurich Airport at 7.00 pm on 6th May 2013, and plan to purchase the 8 day Swiss pass at the Airport.

Not sure where to purchase the Swiss pass at the airport (which counter and floor), and till what time can you purchase these tickets

I leave for Lucerne the same evening I land in Zurich, as I have my accommodation booked in Lucerne

Can someone help me with an answer please



Zürich Airport Railway Travel Centre
by: Fida

Hello Amudha,

The Railway (SBB) travel centre is located in the Check-In 3 area. It's easy to find. Just follow signs.

The Bahnreisezentrum/Railway Centre is open 6:15am to 10:30pm.

Here's a picture of the travel centre (scroll down).

Trains leave right below. There are no direct trains late at night to Luzern. You will have to change trains at Zürich main train station. The Railway Travel Center can help you with that too.

Safe journey,

Swiss pass purchase at the airport
by: Anu


I'll be landing in zurich on May 17th around 7 PM also. Let's say I purchase my swiss pass online from the Swiss Railways site directly and opt for airport collection, you mentioned that the travel center is open only until 10.30 PM. What if my flight gets delayed and my flight lands some time past 10.30 PM local time. How would I collect my swiss pass in that case? Besides, Swiss Railways charges 15 CHF additionally for airport collection which could be avoided if i opt for purchasing the swiss pass at the airport directly upon arrival correct?



Airport Collection of Swiss Passes
by: Fida

Hi Anu,

If you order your pass online they will prepare the pass for you and send it to the Airport office (I was told), therefore the fee.

But I suggest you contact the SBB Travel Agency directly to get the proper answer.


Buy a Swiss Travel Pass at Basel SBB station
by: grrce

I'll be in Basel SBB on June 27. May I buy a 15 days Swiss Travel Pass at Basel SBB train station?

Hello grrce,

Your question is answered in the first post. You just have to read it :)
But yes, you can buy it at the Basel train station.


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