10-day Swiss travel itinerary

by Anu
(Chennai, India)

I'm flying into Zurich from India on 17th of this month with my husband and 2 kids (6yrs and 12yrs). I've made a rough itinerary to make the best use of my time there. I would appreciate your feedback along with any additions/deletions to this itinerary.

May 17th - Landing in Zurich at 7 PM local time

18th, 19th, 20th - Lucerne
- Dying lion monument
- Chapel bridge
- Water tower
- Glacier garden
- Mt. Pilatus
- Lucerne to Basel day trip

20th evening to Interlaken

21, 22, 23, 24 stay in this area
- Mount Schilthorn
- Jungfrau
- Trummelbach falls
- Ballenberg
- Glacier gorge
- Bern

24th afternoon leave for Montreux
24, 25 stay in this area
- Chillon castle
- Lake Geneva

May 26th back to Zurich
26, 27
- City tour
- Rhine falls

27th evening - fly back to India

Few other questions:
1) Considering the extensive travel I'm planning, I think getting the Swiss pass (saver along with the family card) would be the best option. Thoughts?

2) To avoid delivery and the fees (15 CHF) if opting for airport collection while purchasing online from the Swiss Railways website, I'm thinking of getting the pass at the airport upon arrival. But I read on this forum that the travel center is open only until 10.30 PM. My flight is supposed to land at 7 PM in Zurich. What if the flight gets delayed? How would I purchase the pass in that case? Is there an automated kiosk or something from where the passes can be purchased?

What other alternatives do I have?

Thanks in advance.

Answer to

10-day Swiss travel itinerary

Hello Anu,

You've got quite a packed itinerary. Love it!

If you don't have a particular reason to go to Basel, I'd skip it (sad, sad but I don't think you can make it all). Instead, use that day to visit the Rhine Falls and Schaffhausen. Return to Lucerne for another overnight and then head to Interlaken on the 21st.

Leave early morning via Brünig-Hasliberg so you can visit Ballenberg (and maybe Brienz) on your way to Interlaken the same day.

Alternately you could visit the Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge near Meiringen (if you are talking about that particular gorge). Unfortunately, you won't have time for both, Ballenberg and Rosenlaui. The latter would be a day trip from Interlaken, maybe in combination with the Sherlock Holmes museum.

Combine Trümmelbach Falls with the visit to the Schilthorn: Round trip from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren - Schilthorn and then via Stechelberg and Trümmelbach back to Lauterbrunnen.

You need each a day for the Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn. Therefore I recommend visiting Bern on your way back from Montreux to Zürich. If you still have time left when you return from the roundtrip to the Jungfraujoch, you can go up to Harder Kulm for some more scenic views.

On the 24th you could take the cruise from Interlaken West to Spiez (all tickets valid), and then board the train there to Zweisimmen to catch the Golden Pass to Montreux. The boat launch in Spiez is a little outside the train station, so you either have to take the bus or a taxi because I don't recommend you walking up the hill with your luggage. The boat ride sure would be a nice addition if the weather cooperates.

Use June 27 for a city tour in Zürich (instead of visiting the Rhine Falls and risking to miss your flight back home the same day); If time permits, go up to the Uetliberg or take a cruise to Rapperswil and visit this quaint city and Knie's Children Zoo, then head back to Zürich by train.

1) Keep in mind: A Swiss Pass has to be used on consecutive days. So you would need to purchase one for 15 days even though you only stay for 10. It could turn out though that a Flexi Pass would be the better option. This example will help you figure out the most economical travel pass.

2) As for picking up the trail passes at the airport, I answered your question a couple of days ago here. Hope this works out for you.

Wishing you a wonderful time!

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Thank you
by: Anu

Thank you so much for the tips. Very helpful in fine tuning my itinerary.

Couple of questions.

1) I like your idea of visiting Ballenberg on my way to Interlaken. Obviously I am having my luggage with me on my trip to Ballenberg. I checked the directions and it looks like I'll have to get off at Brunig-Hasliberg station before taking a bus to Brienz. Would you know if the Brunig station has lockers where I can stuff my luggage before catching the bus?

2) I read in other forums that a reservation is needed for the Golden Pass route to Montreux. How to make this reservation?

3) Also Glacier Gorge looks and sounds impressive from some articles I read. But would you know if it'll be open around the time I plan to be in Interlaken (May 21 - 24)?

Thanks a lot. Appreciate your time and help.


Swiss Travel Itinerary
by: Fida

Hello Anu,

Glad I could be of help:)

1) I would not leave your luggage at the train station in Brünig-Hasliberg. You would have to back-track almost an hour to pick it up.

You have two options:
- Take your luggage with in the bus and store it at the Ballenberg entrance. They have lockers. If your luggage is too large, the people at the entrance will help you. After your visit take a bus from Brienzwiler (Museum Entrance Ost) to Brienz (about 24 minutes).

- Or travel all the way to Brienz by train, leave your luggage at the train station (luggage storage available). The bus will take you to Ballenberg in 12 to 14 minutes (buses leave 20 and 37 minutes after the full hour). Return trip to Brienz 7 minutes after the full hour.

2) You can make reservation for the Golden Pass Line on their website.

3) Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge Opening hours: I sent them an email but haven't gotten an answer yet (we have a holiday today). I will post the answer later. Should they be open you could visit Rosenlaui first instead of Ballenberg. Meiringen (lockers available) is on your way from Luzern to Interlaken before Brienz. This way you would safe a bit on travel time, because Brienz is closer to Interlaken than Meiringen.


Rosenlaui Glacier Gorge
by: Fida

Hello again Anu,

I just received an email from the Rosenlaui people telling me that they don't know the exact opening date. There's still a lot of ice, snow and debris in the gorge that has to be removed first.

If all goes well, they will publish the exact opening date end of next week on their website.

Enjoy your Swiss journey!


by: Anu

Thanks a lot for your help and all the useful tips. We are eagerly looking forward to the trip. I will post my experience after I return. Thanks again :)

10-day Swiss travel itinerary
by: Fida

You are very welcome Anu.

I am looking forward hearing about your journey.

I keep my fingers crossed for nice weather :-)

Safe travels,

10 Day Swiss itinerary
by: sree

Anu, I am planning to take similar trip. Can you please post your final itinerary & any changes you recommend based on your experience. Thanks in advance.

Trip Details
by: Valentino

Hi Anu
I'm very interested to know how your trip panned out and if possible would be great if you can share you final itinerary.
Also how did you go about booking accommodation across Switzerland?
Did you do much driving on road during this trip?
Would be wonderful to get to know these details.
Look forward to hearing from you
Many thanks

10 days itinery

Hi Anu I read your itinerary. Me and my husband are planning a trip to Switzerland. It would be nice if you post your final itinerary.

Final itinerary
by: Juliana

Hi Anu what was your final itinerary? Any tips and suggestions. Planning a 10 day trip. Would also like to know the website for cheapest air fare.


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