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The Swiss Pass offers Unlimited Travel
by Train, Bus and Boat

The more you plan to use Public Transport the better you are off buying one of the Swiss Pass options. I love the fact that one can hop on the train, the tram or city bus, take a postal bus or a boat without having to run around for tickets. What's more, you get tons of additional bonuses. If you plan to use the train extensively, this might be for you.

Rail Passes offer unlimited travel throughout Switzerland
The Swiss Travel System offers unlimited access to a network of more than 20 000 kilometres (approximately 12,500 miles) on trains, buses and ships.

Before You Buy a Swiss Pass

If you decide to use the Swiss Pass only occasionally, do check the normal prices for point-to-point tickets first.

Use the SBB timetable in the right column to figure out single and/or return fares. Enter the departure and arrival cities ("From" and "To"), click "Search Connection", then choose first or second class, one way or return and then click "Fare/Buy". You don't have to fill out your name. Just click the right option listed under "Reduction" and the price will pop up.

Also, have a look at the over 400 discounted Switzerland train travel offers. It's a little homework, but well worth some extra planning time. Maybe you even get more ideas for your vacation.

Different Swiss Passes for Different Needs

The Swiss Pass is a special offer for Tourists and can only be purchased by travellers who live outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Which discounted option to choose depends on:

  • How many days will you spend on the train?
  • Will you travel every day (consecutive days) or spend time at a particular place between your travel days?
  • How many mountain rides will you include?
  • What Classic Scenic Train Routes are on your itinerary?
  • How far away is your final destination from your entry point (border or Airport)?

The better you pan out your trip the more value you get from your pass.

Detailed Information on all Discounted Travel Options

Swiss Pass | Flexi Pass | Youth Pass | Swiss Peak Pass

Where are the Swiss Passes valid?

Swiss Card | Half Fare Card

Transfer Ticket

Free Family Card | Special Bonuses for Swiss Pass Holders

Swiss Pass Promotion 2014

Where to buy

Should I buy a Rail Pass or a Half Fare Card?

I get asked that a lot. I hope this info will help you figure out the best option for your needs!

Swiss Pass

  • Unlimited travel throughout the Swiss Travel System network on trains, buses,and boats
  • Free public transport in most cities and towns (trams and buses)
  • All of the Classic Scenic Train Routes are included (seat reservation compulsory on these routes, and the fee is not included in any ticket or pass)
  • Free access to over 470 museums on the days of travel
  • If you have children, ask for the free Family Card and your children between 6 and 15 years of age (one day shy of their 16th birthday) travel for free in the presence of at least one parent
  • Up to 50% discount on most mountaintop excursions and cable cars (Grindelwald and/or Wengen to Jungfraujoch: 25% discount)
  • Two are already a crowd for the Swiss Travel System Network. If you travel with a companion or in a group (at all times), each one will receive a discount.

Prices for 4, 8, 15, 22 consecutive days or 1 entire month.

Swiss Pass 2. Class Saver Pass Swiss Pass 1. Class Saver Pass

CHF 272.00 for 4 days

CHF 393.00 for 8 Days

CHF 476.00 for 15 Days

CHF 552.00 for 22 Days

CHF 607.00 for 1 Month

CHF 245.00 for 4 days

CHF 354.00 for 8 Days

CHF 428.00 for 15 Days

CHF 497.00 for 22 Days

CHF 546.00 for 1 Month

CHF 435.00 for 4 Days

CHF 629.00 for 8 Days

CHF 762.00 for 15 Days

CHF 883.00 for 22 Days

CHF 971.00 for 1 Month

CHF 392.00 for 4 days

CHF 566.00 for 8 Days

CHF 685.00 for 15 Days

CHF 795.00 for 22 Days

CHF 874.00 for 1 Month

All Swiss Passes can be bought online directly at the Swiss Railways online shop.

Flexi Pass

This is a convenient choice if you want to spend more time in one location for local activities or a wellness vacation. But you still want to see the country on a few days - maybe a trip from one end of Switzerland to the other or take a Classical Scenic train ride or two.

It's also a great pass for hikers: between the first and last activated day this rail pass acts as a Half Fare Card. So you can take larger trips between hiking days with the Flexi Pass and during your hiking days you receive on all trips by boat, bus and train a discount of up to 50%.


  • On the selected travel days you enjoy the same benefits as Swiss Pass Holders
  • On all days between the first and last travel day you receive 50% discount on all mode of transportations on the Swiss Travel System Network, including on most mountaintop excursions and cable cars. Excluded are the rest of the benefits. Those are only valid on the 3, 4, 5 or 6 selected days
  • If you travel in company with one other person you receive a discount (Saver Flexi).

Prices for 3, 4, 5 or 6 non-consecutive days within one month.

Flexi Pass 2. Class Saver Flexi Flexi Pass 1. Class Saver Flexi

CHF 260.00 for 3 Days

CHF 315.00 for 4 Days

CHF 364.00 for 5 Days

CHF 414.00 for 6 Days

CHF 234.00 for 3 Days

CHF 284.00 for 4 Days

CHF 328.00 for 5 Days

CHF 373.00 for 6 Days

CHF 416.00 for 3 Days

CHF 504.00 for 4 Days

CHF 582.00 for 5 Days

CHF 662.00 for 6 Days

CHF 374.00 for 3 Days

CHF 454.00 for 4 Days

CHF 525.00 for 5 Days

CHF 597.00 for 6 Days

Buy the Flexi Passes online at the Swiss Railways shop.

Youth Pass

If you are under 26 years of age, you are eligible for the Swiss Youth Pass.

  • You receive 25% discount on the regular Swiss Pass prices (see above)
  • You are entitled to the same benefits the Swiss Pass offers; the only difference is the lower price.

Prices for 4, 8, 15, 22 consecutive days or 1 entire month.

Youth Pass 2. Class Youth Pass 1. Class

CHF 204.00 for 4 days

CHF 295.00 for 8 Days

CHF 357.00 for 15 Days

CHF 414.00 for 22 Days

CHF 455.00 for 1 Month

CHF 326.00 for 4 Days

CHF 472.00 for 8 Days

CHF 571.00 for 15 Days

CHF 662.00 for 22 Days

CHF 728.00 for 1 Month

Buy the Youth Pass directly online at the Swiss Railways.

Swiss Peak Pass

This pass is similar to the Swiss Pass and offers the same benefits. However, you get additional perks. Included are eight mountain peaks in different parts of Switzerland:

  • Mount Allalin in Saas Fee (Valais), open year-round
  • Brienzer Rothorn in Brienz (Bernese Oberland), 7 June to 26 Ocotber
  • Mount Cardada above Locarno/Orselina (Ticiono), 11 March to 2 November
  • Mount Corvatsch, Silvaplana (Engadin/Graubünden), open year-round
  • Niesen near Spiez (Bernese Oberland), 19 April to 16 November
  • Rochers-de-Naye above Montreux (Vaud), open year-round
  • Mount Säntis, Schwägalp (Appenzell/Eastern Switzerland), 8 February to 31 December
  • Stanserhorn, Stans (Lake Lucerne region), 14 April to 16 November.

Prices for 4 or 8 consecutive days within one month.

Swiss Peak Pass 2. Class Saver Peak Pass Swiss Peak Pass 1. Class Saver Peak Pass

CHF 301.00 for 4 Days

CHF 452.00 for 8 Days

Youth Pass 2. Class

CHF 233.00 for 4 Days

CHF 354.00 for 8 Days

Children 6 - 15* 2. Class

CHF 165.00 for 4 Days

CHF 256.00 for 8 days

CHF 274.00 for 4 Days

CHF 413.00 for 8 Days

CHF 464.00 for 4 Days

CHF 688.00 for 8 Days

Youth Pass 1. Class

CHF 355.00 for 4 Days

CHF 531.00 for 8 Days

Children 6 - 15* 1. Class

CHF 246.50.00 for 4 Days

CHF 373.50 for 8 days

CHF 421.00 for 4 Days

CHF 625.00 for 8 Days

*Children 6 - 15 travel for free with the Family Card if accompanied by at least one parent. No discount for Youth and Children Passes.

Buy Swiss Peak Passes online at the Swiss Railways shop.

Where are the Swiss Passes valid?

The map below shows you where you can travel unlimited with any of the Swiss Passes, and where you receive a discount.

Train routes are marked red, Post Bus routes yellow, mountain transportation show a black line and ship/boat lines are white.

  • Unlimited travel with all Swiss Passes on all uninterrupted red, yellow, black and white lines
  • Where lines are dotted (red, yellow, black and white), the Swiss Pass entitles you to a 50% discount, except up to the Jungfraujoch. There you receive 25%
  • No reduction on blue lines.
To enlarge the map, click on the image

Swiss Card

If you mostly stay in one place but still want to ride the train, bus and boat occasionally, consider buying a Swiss Card.

  • Prices: CHF 199.00 (second class) and CHF 282.00 (first class)
  • Included in the price are free transfers in the chosen class from the border or airport to your final destination and back
  • Valid for one month between the first and last transfer day from the Swiss border or/and airports to your destination and back
  • 50% discount on unlimited tickets on trains, buses and boats between transfers
  • Each trip has to be completed within one day
  • Children between 6 and 15 years of age travel free with the Family Card if at least one parent travels with them
  • The Swiss Card can only be purchased before your departure, on any border train station or at the train station in airports and the online Ticket Shop (but not within Switzerland)
  • None of the Swiss Pass bonuses apply.

Half Fare Card

Let's say you arrive at Zürich or Geneva Airport (or anywhere for that matter) and you want to spend your holiday (or business trip) mostly in that area but still want to use public transport occasionally to travel around Switzerland - In that case, your transfer would be short and to buy a Swiss Card would most likely not be the best option. You would be better off buying a Swiss Half Fare Card instead.

Also, if you return several times to Switzerland within these four weeks of its validity, you can use the same Half Fare Card. Whereas the Swiss Card ends after your last transfer to the border or airport, even if you didn't use up all of the four weeks.


To save even more, purchase a booklet of discounted 9 o'clock travel passes and share them with your travel companion.

  • Price: CHF 120.00 - you choose if you want to travel first or second-class (class change any time possible; the Half Fare Card prize stays the same)
  • Valid for one month
  • 50% discount on all your tickets on the Swiss Travel System Network, including up to Jungfraujoch
  • You can even choose to travel one way second-class and then decide you want to travel first class part of your trip. Just buy a class change for that leg of your journey and you are good to go. That comes in very handy if you have to travel during commuter times or on busy ski weekends. During that time, second-class coaches can fill up quickly
  • 50% discount on public transportation in 48 cities
  • The Family Card is free, and children up to 16 years of age travel free as long as one parent or grandparent accompanies them
  • You can buy it at any train station or directly online from the Swiss Railways.

Transfer Ticket

Check this option if you only need a transfer ticket from the Swiss border or any airport to your final destination and back. This is a good option if you either stay put at the same place all the time or rent a car for most of your Swiss vacation.

The Transfer Ticket is valid, even if your point of entry and departure is not the same. For example, you arrive in Geneva, travel from there to your holiday destination and then leave Switzerland via Zürich Airport or via any border train station.

  • Prices: CHF 139.00 (second class) and CHF 222.00 (first class). (Check the price of a normal point-to-point return ticket before you buy)
  • Valid for one month, but each trip has to be completed in one day on the most direct route
  • Only valid from any Swiss border or Airport to your final destination and back. You have to take the most direct route.
  • The Family Card can be obtained free of charge for children between the age of 6 and 15 for free travel if accompanied by one parent or grandparent
  • Can only be bought before you leave home through your travel agent or online from the Swiss Railways Ticket Shop..

Free Family Card

If you purchase one of the above Swiss Pass options, Swiss Card or Half Fare Card, and travel with your children, you can request a free Family Card and your children up to the age of 16 (one day shy of their 16st birthday) will travel for free. If you book online, you can request the card at the same time (ad your request to "Notes" on the billing form). Or you can get the card at any of the staffed train stations.

Where to Buy?

  • You can buy all Swiss Passes from your travel agent, upon arrival at any Swiss Airports, any staffed train station (cash or credit card) or online directly from the Swiss Railways.

    You can pay for them in CHF (Swiss Francs), USD, EURO or GBP. There are no additional fees, except delivery charges.

    Tip: To avoid high delivery charges, choose "Airport Collection" when you book online.

Swiss Pass Promotions

$75 off Swiss Rail Passes!

You are eligible for this special when you book a Swiss Pass and Fast Baggage or Fly Rail Baggage Service. You will need the coupon code SWISSSAVE75.

Offer is limited to the first 535 bookings or until the promotion ends on August 14, 2014.

Swiss Pass Promotion

  • You can also purchase passes online from RailEurope. All passes are listed on the same page. All you need to do is choose the days you want to travel, and the best option for your needs will pop up

  • If you are interested in a Global Eurail Pass or any other option valid for more countries than just Switzerland click here

  • Transfer Ticket: can only be purchased BEFORE you depart from home; either from your travel agent, online from Swiss Railways (CHF, EURO, USD and GBP) or Rail Europe

  • Swiss Card: From your travel agent, at any border train station, and at the airports (but not within Switzerland), online from Swiss Railways or Rail Europe

  • Swiss Half Fare Card: From your travel agent, at any staffed train station throughout Switzerland or online directly from the Swiss Railways.

Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF) and they are subject to change without notice.
This page was last updated July 2014

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