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Postcards from Switzerland

I have many photos that I can't post on other pages and I thought it would be a shame not to share them with you. Therefore, I will send you now and then Postcards from Switzerland. I always like to look at images when I plan a trip, and I hope some of them will make you want to pack your bags and get onto the next flight.


Oh, and if you'd like to send me a postcard from your Switzerland trip that I can share here with my readers I'd be delighted. Just send me an email with your own picture and a few words.

A Postcard from Larein in the Prättigau Valley

Last year in January a friend of mine came back with this picture from "Alp Larain" above the village of Jenaz in the Prättigau Valley. It's now January 2016 and we are still waiting to see this much snow.

This is a beautiful hiking area in summer and a paradise for back country skiing in winter. There's a nice route that leads from the Heuberge (Fideris) via Alp Nova and Alp Larein to Jenaz - always with magnificent views to the Rätikon mountain range.

Alp Larain in the Prättigau Valley, Graubünden

Hello Winter

Winter took its time to appear this year. It's the beginning of January and we finally got snow. What is better than a beautiful winter day? The photo below was taken in the Lumnezia - a broad, sunny and secluded valley in the Surselva, a district in the Canton Graubünden.

Nonetheless, the tranquil valley offers plenty of winter activities: 120 km well maintained ski pistes, 50 km groomed winter hiking trails and various possibilities for snowshoeing.

Val Lumnezia in the Surselva district of the Canton Graubünden

Good bye Summer

Today is the last day of summer - and what a summer it was. It was so hot that even some rail tracks had to be cooled with water. One had to fight for space in Swimming pools and on lake beaches and rivers were brimming with swimmers. Or one fled to the high Alpine areas and hoped for a littler cooler temperatures. Street cafes were jam packed on evenings until closing time. It was truly a summer to live outside!

The photo you see below was taken in Jenins, a small community in the wine growing region of Graubünden in the Rhine valley near Chur. A trail behind this vineyard leads to Heidi's home above Maienfeld.

Jenins, a vine producing area in Graubünden

Postcard from a Swiss Road Trip

Correct spelling is a matter of luck. Then again, living at the border where two of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland meet, can be a bit tricky. The sign at this small restaurant cum antique store mixes German, Italian and French and throws in a bit of English for good measure. Vin Brulé in Italian (also Vino Caldo) or vin brûlé (also Vin Chaud) in French (but both times without h) means spiced or mulled wine in English. For once it's not a typo by me, though I admit I am the queen of careless spelling mistakes :)

Where's the spelling bee?

Postcard from Twann (Canton Bern)

On a beautiful fall day we decided to hike from Biel/Bienne to Twann. After we crossed the Twannberg plateau and hiked through the Twann gorge (Twannerschlucht) we emerged above the town of Twann .

Twann on Lake Biel/Bienne

Twann lies on the shore of Lake Biel (Bienne in French) amid the 220 ha vineyard along the lake. Its rich clay soil is responsible for the wine's wonderful aroma.

Twann is also known for its annual festival of the Twanner vintners. The wine fest "TrĂ¼elete" takes place each year on the last weekend in October.

Postcard from the Landwasser Viaduct (Canton Graubünden)

The elegant "Landwasser Viaduct" between Schmitten and Filisur is part of the "UNESCO World-Heritage Albula - Bernina Landscapes" and an exhilarating sight.

The viaduct is a fvourite amongst railroad fans since the first train crossed the bridge in 1902. To top the drama, the train disappears directly into the tunnel built into the vertical rock face. It's probably the most photographed structure in Graubünden

The Landwasser viaduct, a Unesco world heritage site - Postcards from Switzerland

Postcard from the Lake of Ägeri (Ägerisee - Canton Zug)

Lake Ägeri is nestled among a charming landscape in the fog free region above Zug. Unterägeri is just a 25 minute bus ride from Zug and under one hour reachable from Lucerne.

A regular boat service offers round trips between April and October. The Sunday brunch cruise is a popular summer event.

Aegerisee in the Canton of Zug

Postcard from the Wohlen - Dietikon Railway BDWM
(Connects the Cantons Aargau and Zürich)

The BDWM railway crosses the bridge over the river Reuss in Bremgarten, a picturesque medieval town in the Canton Aargau.

The Wohlen - Bremgarten - Dietikon Railway crosses the Reuss Bridge in Bremgarten

Postcard from the Rhaetian Railway - RhB (Graubünden)

Our beloved "little red train", the Rhaetian Railway, is leaving Bergün to the destination St. Moritz, and connecting the valleys of Albula and the Engadin.

The village on the hill to the left is Latsch, a hamlet 1'589 metres above sea level (5213 ft). Less than 100 people live here year round, but it's one of the most pristine alpine villages in the Albula Valley.

The Rhaetian Railway in the Albula Valley

Thanks for sharing these postcards with others!

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