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Chüefladefäscht, the Cow Dung Festival
Riederalp (VS)

The Swiss Version of a Farmers Golf Competition

The Swiss Version of Farmers Golf

Get down and dirty at the Chüefladefäscht. No matter what you call it - Farmers Golf, Alpengolf, Cow Patty or Pie Fest - this bizarre festival is a fun event with a serious background.

City folks wouldn't know, but alpine farming has its perks :) A cow produces eight to ten cow patties per day. Farmers get to smash the dried up little heaps of manure each fall and spring or the cow dung wouldn't properly integrate into the ground. Not only that, but the cows wouldn't eat the grass in the pasture come spring. They are kind of fussy this way.

Art Furrer, the always inventive and legendary Swiss ski acrobat and hotelier and his not less imaginative son, Andreas, came up with the idea to transform this seasonal routine into a fun party for everyone.


The Chüefladefäscht will only be held if the weather is nice. Check the weather channel or call +41 844 444 488

Riederalp is a car-free and year-round holiday resort in the canton of Valais, located on a sunny plateau surrounded by a majestic panorama at an altitude of almost 2000 metres (6562 ft).

Even if you don't plan a "working holiday", the Chüefladefäscht will bring you up close with locals. And if that is not enough, the pristine alpine environment with the Aletsch Glacier as a backdrop - a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site - and the view to surrounding mountains - amongst them the famous Matterhorn - will dazzle you with its exceptional beauty. Enjoy a Raclette (melted cheese) with a glass of Fendant (local white wine) or a glass of crystal clear spring water, and you will crave for more.

Good to Know:

The Swiss Version of Farmers Golf
  • Rules: Pulverize as many cow patties as possible in two hours.
  • Tools: Bring your own golf club or ask a farmer to lend you a pitchfork. If you can't get either, just use your feet and give the cow patties a real good kick.
  • Attire: Wellies or a pair of old shoes.

When: Although the event was fun, future games have been canceled until further notice. Nonetheless, Riederalp is always worth a visit!

Where: Bergstation Hohfluh, Riederalp

How to get to Riederalp: The year-round car-free resort is reachable by aerial cableway. Parking available in Mörel.

The train/cableway takes you from Bern to Riederalp in a little less than two hours; from Zürich and Lucerne in three hours and from Basel in a little less than three hours.

View Riederalp, Switzerland in a larger map

Photos: Courtesy of Art Furrer

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